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Foam Recycling Project

Postby Matthew » Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:35 am

Consulting Service for the business customer who have the plan to operate the foam recycling program.

Ask for a Recycling Specialist's Help:'

● Calculate the return on investment and know how to recycle foam and make a profit.
● Our team are professional foam # 6 recycling solution provider, can provide complete foam # 6 recycling solutions, such as saving storage space, landfill costs, warehouse operations, etc. Contact with them to get more Suggestions.

How to Choose a Suitable foam #6 Densifier:

There are 2 kinds of foam densifiers in the market: Hot Melting and Cold Compressing. Both of 2 types are working well for general foam #6, but sometimes the special foam #6 need to choose suitable type:
● For general foam like Furniture & Appliance packaging, coolers, can choose both types.
● For foam fish boxes, cold compressing densifier will be better as it’s always moisture.
● For the foam flakes or dusts, hot melting densifier is better. Cold compress will be hard to shape it to blocks.


To choose a suitable foam densifier, need to take these factors into consideration:
● Quality: Control Panel Electrical parts, Motor, Steel, etc.
● Reference: Current customer’s feedback
● After-Service: Whether they have the service team provide timely service

How to sell recycled foam to a buyer:
Put the recycled material on the pallets or gaylords.
● When have a full truck load (30-40 pallets), contact the recycled foam #6 Buyer to get a latest offer.
● Load the trailer when the buyer come to pick up, then the buyer will issue a CHECK.


Partner Introductio:

Partner of our website INTCO Recycling is the largest end-user of recycled #6 foam in the world, every month they purchasing more than 10 billion pounds foam scrap from all over the world. They offer the total solution for #6 foam recycling:

● Manufacture and provide the foam densifiers (Both Thermal and Screw Drive).
● Purchase large volume of recycled foam, a reasonable price can be offered.
● Reuse the recycled foam to produce the picture frames and moulding, supply to Target, Walmart, IKEA and other retailers.
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