Event and unused lobbies in PSU

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Re: Event and unused lobbies in PSU

Postby Riggy » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:19 pm

Awesome! Though does anyone know which file is the Casino? Sorry to ask so many questions. x3
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Re: Event and unused lobbies in PSU

Postby shade » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:37 pm


Try to swap it with one of the following files :
Code: Select all
56f0b2d23698fbab1da0672483bd43c1   GC 1st Floor
17ba939b17ff47a95cf708438c5bbf20   GC 2nd Floor
87a92cfd60a6302d78dc6b4d774dcc9d   GC 3rd Floor
6ba4cb7c987fbf5570ec913d806a7b91   GC 4th Floor
cc6d3e33855dccfab4a593f72df3b1ba   GC 5th Floor
51d78a017156ba9aa860471eb292c656   GC 2nd Floor - Synth/Room Goods/Grinds
baa175d6980da1045a22af4ca6c16dde   GC 2nd Floor - Weapons/Item/Shield
6b16a866806bac1143a25b74f83ae618   GC 3rd Floor - Clothes/Parts/Esthé
65ea6fd294ed5238c4411c787c73885e   GC 3rd Floor - Club Commune
It'll work fine with at least one them (try with baa175d6980da1045a22af4ca6c16dde, then with 56f0b2d23698fbab1da0672483bd43c1 if it didn't work correctly with the previous file. IIRC, I got it to work properly by using one of these two files)
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