Team NovosProspectus invites!

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Team NovosProspectus invites!

Postby Coelum » Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:23 pm

The team NovosProspectus (Ship 6) is the former team §FantasY§, rebuilt after the abandonement of our former master. The team grew fast on its rebuilt (around July 2013) and now, with +50 registered members (99% of which are inactive), we invite you to make part of our family. Though only a few members are still active or keep in touch frequently, we're still willing to help new players and receive old players as well!

Current active members: around 4-6
Peaks of online members: 10-12
Level of active members: Most with 2 chars, at least one is over lvl40-50 and/or capped
Team lvl: 5
Usual team base: beach
Tree has some levels: Yes / Not that much high, kind of balanced.

We ask that - if you have Facebook - you join our group so we can keep in touch in case you suddenly disappear (like 99% of our members did). The groups is also used to schedule activities between members, discuss various topics among ourselves and etc. It is important that you join so we can know that you're still alive! (Voice chat to come if a considerable number of members ask for it)

If you're interested to help us rebuild our dear home, please apply via the visiphone (remember, Ship 6) or contact Coelum, Umino Shura, Astharosche or シオーン (available on week days during 00:00 JST or on weekends usually the whole day). Please, notice that, for us to send an invitation via the visiphone (in case you send your application), you have to be currently without a team for the invitation to succeed. If you're currently on a team after sending the application, we'll judge you don't want to join anymore.
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