About crediting and such~

I'm sure PSO2 will get a US version some time this century. Meanwhile there is a patch and this is the forum where you can discuss it and get help with issues.

Re: About crediting and such~

Postby Mewn » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:06 am

Wait, people other than AIDA worked on the English patch?
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Re: About crediting and such~

Postby AIDA » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:46 am

Qwerty wrote:But while we're on the subject, when people say you have issue giving credit, they're mostly talking about when you post threads about "AIDA's English Patch" and say things like "For the record, I'm 100% in charge of all the foreign patches..." There are tons of people on PSOW who might think you are the progenitor of all the patches, not just the story one. They probably don't even know who Agrajag is, and you don't really do much to correct these misunderstandings. Don't get me wrong, none of us did this because we wanted attention or internet fame or community renown or whatever. But still, people should know who to thank, should they feel the desire to do so. Say what you will, but without Agra's initial dedication and his continued effort, the English PSO2 community would not be anything close to what it is today.

So yeah, maybe just be a bit more upfront and clear about who made this whole shebang possible (and who continues to maintain and update the majority of the core patch), and do a bit less "AIDA's This" and "AIDA's That", and I think we'll be good.

At the time, I meant foreign as "aside from english". Looking back, I could have chosen a better word, but I've never once claimed I made the patch~ My thread about it has you all credited and stuff-

And there is where I actually began looking back and thinking about it.

<AIDA> oh goddamnit I'm stupid as fuck
<AIDA> Now I know what you're talking about~ When I made "AIDA's English patch update thread", I meant it to be like AIDA's thread about english patch updates, not a thread about AIDA's english patch.
<AIDA> Ugh, this is what I get for not sleeping.
<Toothball> That's what you get for presuming the internet will do the right thing.
<AIDA> I've developed a sleeping disorder over the past few weeks, and when you don't sleep for a week or so at a time, the simplist shit is easy to screw up
<AIDA> apparently
<AIDA> * few years
<AIDA> jesus

So yeah, I see what you mean now, I'll go fix it. Although I can't actually link back here because of PSOW's rules about "not linking to patches" and such (Like SEGA actually cares at this point. Or ever did.)

EDIT: It's now called "AIDA's thread about English patch updates" and next to Agrajag it says "(For creating and maintaining the english patch)".

essen wrote:AIDA created a new topic about giving people credit where credit's due by starting with "Since I'm working on a lot of stuff". AIDA is a master at internet fame.

Mewn wrote:Wait, people other than AIDA worked on the English patch?

<AIDA> Aside from you 3 (Espio, Agrajag, and Qwerty), I have no idea who does what.
<Espio|work> Really, when they do an update to the files, Agrajag sins them, then I translate that night.
<AIDA> That's what I thought.
<Espio|work> This is stuff like UI and all.
<Espio|work> I know Qwerty has been doing story stuff.
<AIDA> <Vashyron> If you are using that as a example on crediting for the english patch you would be missing a ton of people
<AIDA> <AIDA> I would?
<AIDA> <AIDA> It's my understanding that Agrajag coded the tool, and espio translates
<AIDA> <AIDA> That's it
<Espio|work> Mewn and Raujinn have contributed in th epast, too.
<Espio|work> i c
<AIDA> It's not that I won't credit, it's apparently that I didn't know
<AIDA> lol
<Espio|work> If you want, try asking at psumods to see who all does what.
<Espio|work> I'm not as involved in the community as I used to be, so it's hard for me to keep up.
<AIDA> Uhm
<AIDA> Do you mind if I copy/paste our chat into the thread? I feel like if I make a "Who does what here so I can credit them" thread, essen and them will bite my head off ._.
<Espio|work> Should be fine. But really, just say you've talked with me and Vash about it and you want to clarify.
<AIDA> kk
<AIDA> viewtopic.php?f=9&t=466
<Espio|work> Pefect!

Totally called it.
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Re: About crediting and such~

Postby Qwerty » Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:42 pm

Good for you, you predicted the most predictable thing. Give yourself a pat on the back.
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Re: About crediting and such~

Postby essen » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:05 pm

There's two things humble people don't do:

  • Put their own name in things
  • Remind people that they did it/it's their own

You still do both and still haven't changed your behavior. You're just shifting things a bit to avoid blame. Now instead of "AIDA's patch" it's "AIDA's thread about the patch". Still is AIDA this and AIDA that. Also not sure why you thought putting your personal issues there would make us think better of you. Nobody cares, everyone has their owns.
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Re: About crediting and such~

Postby Chikinface » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:56 pm

Just drop your name from threads in which you're presenting work which is largely done by other people and a lot of the grievance will be ablated. Putting your name on the front sends a certain message, not one those who've worked on the patch are fond of, largely.

Anyway, grievances have been aired sufficiently enough for now I'd say. Let's smoothly move beyond this embarrassing incident if we can.
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Re: About crediting and such~

Postby Mewn » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:18 am

Mewn's sarcastic post about this whole scenario.
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