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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Kion » Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:45 pm

That's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe try copying the english patch files over again and see if that overwrites the japanese files.
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Qwerty » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:19 am

Here's a revised Chapter 0. Let me know what you think.
Code: Select all
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, st_010005, 0, st_010005_0010, "Welcome, newly enrolled Arks."
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, st_010005, 0, st_010005_0020, "This is your first step into the vast universe."
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, st_010005, 0, st_010005_0030, "Prepare yourself, and enter your personal data."
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, st_010005, 0, st_010005_0040, "We welcome everyone to our organization."
sk_st_010005\st_010005.text, st_010005, 0, st_010005_0050, "A.P.238/2/20/10:00"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0010, "We're here of our own accord. They don't need to be so formal."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0020, "Hey! My name's Affine. Good to meet you, bro!"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0030, "Hey, are you even listening? Bro! I'm talking to you, bro!"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0040, "It looks like we've been paired up, so let's try to get along."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0050, "They keep saying all these nice things, but I guess it's just to make us comfortable. But to tell the truth here..."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0060, "1. Yeah..."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0070, "2. What?"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0080, "Because of the events ten years ago, there are a lot fewer Arks. I guess they're desperate for new recruits."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0090, "But I don't really care about that. I've got my own things I want to do."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0100, "What? You don't know about what happened ten years ago?"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0105, "...Or maybe you just wanted to forget?"
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0110, "I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could forget it all..."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0120, "Alright! Well, let's not sweat the small stuff and just try to do our best today."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0130, "Coordinate transfer complete. All Arks please disembark promptly."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0140, "Okay, we're ready to go. Looks like an easy area for newbies like us. Let's get going."
sk_st_010010\st_010010.text, st_010010, 0, st_010010_0150, "A.P.238/2/20"
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, st_010030, 0, st_010030_0010, "Wow, everywhere you look, everything is green. Man, this is exciting stuff."
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, st_010030, 0, st_010030_0020, "Sorry, I shouldn't get so distracted. Yeah."
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, st_010030, 0, st_010030_0030, "Hey, we're still new to combat. Wanna go over the basics again?"
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, st_010030, 0, st_010030_0040, "A.P.238/2/20/10:30"
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, st_010030, 0, st_010030_0050, "Forest"
sk_st_010030\st_010030.text, st_010030, 0, st_010030_0060, "Planet Naberius Forest Area"
sk_st_010040\st_010040.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010040\st_010040.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010040\st_010040.text, st_010040, 0, st_010040_0010, "Is that a native creature? Is it...is it headed towards us?"
sk_st_010040\st_010040.text, st_010040, 0, st_010040_0020, "Man, it doesn't look friendly at all! Looks like we're gonna have to fight, bro!"
sk_st_010050\st_010050.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010050\st_010050.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010050\st_010050.text, st_010050, 0, st_010050_0010, "Whew... Looks like we made it. But we should expect more from here on out."
sk_st_010050\st_010050.text, st_010050, 0, st_010050_0020, "It's not like I want to fight... But we have a mission, so let's press on.
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0010, "Looks like we made it through the first part. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0020, "My heart is still beating like crazy, but I think I should be able to manage."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0030, "You seem to be picking this up much faster than I am."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0040, "I joined the Arks to search for someone."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0050, "That's why I don't care much about fighting or exam scores."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0060, "Say, bro, why'd you decide to join the Arks?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0070, "Wh...what's going on?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0080, "Emergency notice for all Arks! Code D has been put into effect on Naberius! Photon levels are critical!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0090, "I repeat, Code D is in effect on Naberius! Spatial erosion has been observed!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0100, "B...bro! Look!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0110, "This can't be happening... These black things are just appearing out of nowhere...?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0120, "I've got a really bad feeling about this. What the hell is going on?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0130, "Darker appearance confirmed! Activity has exceeded acceptable levels!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0140, "This is a top priority order for all Arks! Destroy the Darkers immediately!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0150, "These...are Darkers? The enemy of the Arks? It's said they destroy and consume everything in their path."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0160, "What the hell? These things aren't supposed to be on Naberius!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0170, "We're surrounded! The way we came is blocked too! What do we do?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0180, "Break through? Are you crazy, bro? Do you honestly expect to fight through all these Darkers?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0190, "Well, shit! I guess we really don't have a choice. Let's roll!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0200, "We might stand a chance if we can find another team..."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0210, "Well, here goes nothing!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0220, "That...actually went better than expected. They probably won't chase us."
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0230, "Where do these things keep coming from?"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0240, "Damn, looks like we've got no choice but to fight!"
sk_st_010060\st_010060.text, st_010060, 0, st_010060_0250, "A.P.238/2/20/11:00"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0010, "Hey, bro! Over there! It's another examinee!"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0020, "Hey, are you alright? I'm so glad we finally found someone..."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0030, "This...this...can't be for real... He just died...so quickly..."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0040, "There's...just no way..."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0050, "Wh...why is this happening? What are they after?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0060, "...That was a close call. Good thing I left Echo behind."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0070, "Hey! You two! Are you alright?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0080, "A full-fledged Arks member?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0090, "Did you come to rescue us? Thank goodness, we're saved!"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0100, "Hmmm... There are a lot more Darkers here than I had anticipated.."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0110, "You did come here to help us...right?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0120, "I've called for backup. The rendezvous point is up ahead. We need to keep moving."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0130, "Wh...what? You expect us to keep fighting?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0140, "You're Arks, right? Of course I expect you to fight. At least your partner looks ready, even if you aren't."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0150, "Hey...bro... Yeah, I know, I know... We just have to do it, right?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0160, "For a new recruit, you sure are calm. You've got potential...wait, pardon me but..."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0170, "I swear I've seen your face before somewhere..."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0180, "No matter, I’ll worry about that later. Let's get a move on. Try to keep up, rookies!"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0190, "Man...why did this have to happen on our first day?"
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0200, "Quit your whining, rookie. Rest assured, I'll keep you guys safe."
sk_st_010070\st_010070.text, st_010070, 0, st_010070_0210, "A.P.238/2/20/11:30"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0010, "What? There's a ton of them here, too! What are we gonna do?"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0020, "It's more interesting if there are challenges along the way, right? Shut up and get used to it."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0030, "Well, it's about the right time, but I guess she's late."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0040, "Sorry, rookies. I called for backup, but she's still not here yet."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0050, "Hey there, Zeno! Don't go giving the new recruits the wrong impression of me."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0060, "It's your fault for being late. Moving on...how's the situation looking?"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0070, "Still not good. With this much Darker activity, we won't be able to make an extraction."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0080, "I see. So, basically, we can get out of here once we've taken care of these Darkers."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0090, "Should I come join you?"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0100, "No need. This rookie here is pretty good. Maybe even stronger than you!"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0110, "...Fine! Suit yourself!"
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0120, "Okay rookies, this is the last of them. Let's take care of these guys and call it a day."
sk_st_010080\st_010080.text, st_010080, 0, st_010080_0130, "A.P.238/2/20/12:00"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0010, "...help..."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0020, "Glad to see you made it back. You didn't get hurt, did you?"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0030, "Hey now, I was with them. You think I'd ever let something happen to some rookies?"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0040, "That's what I was worried about. I know it was probably was a lot to deal with, but it looks like you guys made it."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0050, "…hey."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0060, "Um, sir? Who is this?"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0070, "Oh and uh...I don't think I caught your name either, sir..."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0080, "Zeno, don't tell me you didn't even bother to introduce yourself."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0090, "Now that you mention it, I completely forgot. I figured they already knew who I was."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0100, "My name is Zeno. The obnoxious one here is Echo."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0110, "Nice to meet you, and I'm not obnoxious."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0120, "Pleased to meet you, too. My name is Affine."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0130, "And this is my bro, <%me>."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0140, "We just joined the Arks and have no idea what to make of anything yet..."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0150, "Don't worry about it. You can think about it later, or investigate on your own."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0160, "Those things we were fighting are Darkers. They are the enemies of the Arks. That's about all there is to it."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0170, "Rather than having it explained to you, it's better that you got to see it for yourself."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0180, "Hey, Zeno! Don't you think that's a bit much? They've been through a lot."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0190, "Why would I bother to put it nicely now that they've already seen it for themselves?"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0200, "Knowing that in advance and being prepared will let you live longer in this line of work."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0210, "Hey, why so glum? You're still alive, right? Mission complete, good work."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0220, "But...another examinee died right in front of our eyes..."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0230, "That comes with the territory for the Arks. We don't have time to mourn everyone."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0240, "Hey...hold your head up. We have to persevere, for all those who fall in battle."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0250, "…okay."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0260, "That's good, Affine. If you can come to terms with this, you're already well on your way."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0270, "But hold onto these feelings, and don't give up. As long as you keep going, things tend to work out."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0280, "That's cool and all, but he's just showing off. Everything he told you, he learned from his teacher."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0290, "Tch! Don't blow my cover, Echo! I'm allowed to quote our teacher's wisdom."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0300, "I wish you'd stop going off on these tangents. Don't you ever think how annoying it is for me to have to listen to you?"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0310, "Hey! I don't get on your case for being late all the time!"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0320, "But you totally do! Whatever, looks like we're almost back to the Arks ship anyway."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0330, "Wipe those grins off your faces, rookies! Let's go."
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, st_010090, 0, st_010090_0340, "A.P.238/2/20/12:30"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "The Day I was Waiting For"
sk_st_010090\st_010090.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "序章 ずっとこの日を待っていた"
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0010, "Well, we made it back. Might as well take it easy in the lobby for a while."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0020, "Hardly. We need to report in right away."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0030, "Yeah, yeah. I know. Man, you're obnoxious."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0040, "Okay rookies, we need to get going."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0050, "Now that we've met, feel free to call on us if you need anything. Later!"
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0060, "Take care, guys."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0070, "That guy was intense. Or maybe our mission was just too exhausting. I'm beat."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0080, "This is the lobby area for the Arks, right?"
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0090, "It looks like there are a bunch of shops and rest areas..."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0100, "I'm going to have a look around and cool off for a while."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0110, "So much has happened...I can't take it all in yet. Anyway...later, bro."
sk_st_010100\st_010100.text, st_010100, 0, st_010100_0120, "A.P.238/2/20/13:00"

I'll work on the rest bit by bit whenever I get a chance.
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Kion » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:32 pm

Qwerty, I looked over it closer. Nice work! Aside from partner vs. bro I really like the word choice and the over all flow to it!

As for progress on the next patch:
  • Just six events to translate for Ulc (or Uruk), so I should be done with that in about an hour and then I can go to sleep.
  • I'll compile the csv for just this files I'm working on and upload it tomorrow so that Qwerty and Rappy can edit it.
  • I bought Arks-Layer.com and rented a server, so I'll be trying to get that set up in advance with at least an index page to use and set as torrent seed
  • Around Thursday or Friday I plan to start sending out early downloads to several people to help seed it, so that everyone can access it faster when released on Feb 2

Also be sure to get the word out. Feel free to post everywhere on twitter or what ever. Sega needs to see how they're company should be run. I'm posting my progress on twitter @PsowKion. If anyone wants any more details they can follow me.

Update: Translation complete. I'll have the csv up tomorrow.
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Qwerty » Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:43 pm

Kion wrote:Qwerty, I looked over it closer. Nice work! Aside from partner vs. bro I really like the word choice and the over all flow to it!
I'll settle for "buddy" but "partner" just sounds too stodgy.

Anyway, here's Chapter 1:
Code: Select all
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0010, "……待っていた。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0020, "否、この表現は認識の相違がある。<br>待たせてしまった、だろうか。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0030, "わたしの名は……シオン。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0040, "わたしの言葉が貴方の信用を得るために<br>幾許かの時間を要することは<br>理解している。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0050, "それでもどうか、聞き届けて欲しい。<br>無限にも等しい思考の末<br>わたしが見出した事象を。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0060, "わたしは観測するだけの存在。<br>貴方への干渉は行わない、行えない。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0070, "だが、動かなければ道は潰える。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0080, "故にわたしは示す。<br>あらゆる偶然を演算し、計算し<br>ここに表す。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0090, "偶時を拾い集め、必然と為す。<br>そのものをマターボードという。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0100, "わたしは観測するだけの存在。<br>貴方を導く役割を持たない。<br>だがマターボードは貴方を導くだろう。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0110, "……わたしの後悔が示した道が<br>指針なき時の、標となることを願う。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0120, "未だ信用も信頼も得られずと推測する。<br>貴方のその思考は正しく正常である。<br>わたしもそれを、妥当と判断する。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0130, "しかし。<br>わたしはそれでも貴方を信じている。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0140, "わたしは貴方の空虚なる友。<br>どこにでもいるし、どこにもいない。<br>質問はいつでも受け入れよう。"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, text01, "<br>マターボード『この日を迎えるため』を入手しました。<br>"
sk_st_010120\st_010120.text, st_010120, 0, st_010120_0150, "A.P.238/2/20/14:00"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0010, "貴方に伝えるべき事がある。<br>それはひとつの揺らぎである。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0020, "因果が集束を見せている。<br>一つの事象を産み出しつつある。<br>その手で掴めるほどに。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0030, "それは恐らく<br>運命という概念への冒涜だ。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0040, "しかし、それこそが<br>わたしとわたしたちが渇望し<br>切望したことである。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0050, "……わたしは謝罪する。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0060, "曖昧な言葉では<br>貴方たちに伝わり難いことを<br>理解せず、失念していた。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0070, "思考を修正し、伝える。<br>これは、わたしから貴方たちへの<br>依頼である。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0080, "惑星ナベリウスに向かって欲しい。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0090, "理由は答えない。答えられない。<br>答えは貴方の未来にのみ存在する。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0100, "わたしは観測するのみ。<br>観測しか、できない。"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, st_010130_0110, "A.P.238/2/27/14:00"
sk_st_010130\st_010130.text, st_010130, 0, text01, "Because of your actions, a new Story Quest [Calls From the Past] is now available from the mission counter."
sk_st_010140\st_010140.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010140\st_010140.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010140\st_010140.text, st_010140, 0, st_010140_0010, "Destiny...changes..."
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0010, "Hey! Hey, buddy! Why are you spacing out?"
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0020, "Nah, I get it. It's our last exam mission, so you're nervous, right? Well, me too."
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0030, "We should be a little on edge. But as long as we do our best, it'll turn out okay, buddy."
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0040, "Hey, buddy. We're still pretty new, but let's at least try to get the basics down."
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0070, "...help..."
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0080, "Ah! Hey, buddy! Wait up, don't leave me behind!"
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0090, "...where is it?"
sk_st_010150\st_010150.text, st_010150, 0, st_010150_0100, "A.P.238/2/20/10:30"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0010, "Buddy? Why are you so fixated on your transmitter?"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0020, "Wh...what's going on?"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0030, "Emergency notice for all Arks! Code D has been put into effect on Naberius! Photon levels are critical!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0040, "I repeat, Code D is in effect on Naberius! Spatial erosion has been observed!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0050, "B...buddy! Look!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0060, "Darker appearance confirmed! Activity has exceeded acceptable levels!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0070, "This is a top priority order for all Arks! Destroy the Darkers immediately!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0080, "These...are Darkers? The enemy of the Arks? It's said they destroy and consume everything in their path."
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0090, "What the hell? These things aren't supposed to be on Naberius!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0100, "...help..."
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0110, "Uhh, buddy? What are you looking over there for? Shouldn't we be focused on what's going on in front of us?"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0120, "If there's something you want to investigate, then we can do it after we're done here!"
sk_st_010160\st_010160.text, st_010160, 0, st_010160_0130, "A.P.238/2/20/11:00"
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0010, "... ... ..."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0020, "Is she okay? What is she doing here?"
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0030, "She doesn't look like an Arks member, but we can't just leave her here like this..."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0040, "Attention all Arks: Darker activity has dropped to acceptable levels."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0050, "The Code D on Naberius has been lifted."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0060, "All Arks are to return at once after confirming the safety of their surroundings."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0070, "That's a relief. Looks like we don't have to worry about more Darkers."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0080, "I really don't know what to do about this girl, but someone on the ship should have an idea."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0090, "Well, no reason to stick around here. Let's head back, buddy."
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, st_010170, 0, st_010170_0100, "A.P.238/2/20/12:00"
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "Calls From the Past"
sk_st_010170\st_010170.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "第1章 ずっと明日を待っていた"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0010, "Good work, buddy."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0020, "They admitted that girl to the medical center, so she should be alright."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0030, "But I do kind of wonder what our exam result will be..."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0040, "I guess I shouldn't worry about it. It'll probably turn out okay."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0050, "Anyway, I'm going to hang around the lobby for a while. See you later!"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0060, "Are you <%me>?"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0070, "I'm part of the medical staff. My name is Philia."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0080, "The girl you sent us from Naberius just woke up a moment ago."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0090, "Will you please come by the medical center and check on her?"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0100, "<%me>, right? Thanks for coming."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0110, "The girl...she hasn't spoken a word since waking up."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0120, "... ... ..."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0130, "...<%me>."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0140, "Did you tell her your name?"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0150, "...I heard it...inside of my head."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0160, "...My name is...Matoi."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0170, "There are no matches in the database. At least not the Arks database..."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0180, "Could she be from another planet? At a glance, I thought she was an Arks member."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0190, "Matoi, where are you from? Which planet do you live on?"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0200, "...ugh...<br>...<%me>..."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0210, "Don't be afraid. It's fine, you don't have to answer right now."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0220, "Well, <%me>, looks like she's taken with you."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0230, "<%me>, do you have any idea who she is?"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0240, "Looks like you don't know."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0250, "If you're not an acquaintance, then it's not likely you'd know."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0260, "But she can't just be left alone."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0270, "Plus, you're an Arks member, so you have missions. And she can't just be left here."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0280, "Would you mind if I took care of this girl?"
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0290, "If anything happens, I'll contact you."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0300, "Um...<%me>..."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0310, "I have a bad feeling...<br>Please be careful."
sk_st_010180\st_010180.text, st_010180, 0, st_010180_0320, "A.P.238/2/20/15:00"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0010, "<%me><br>貴方にまずは、感謝を。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0020, "偶発事象の優位改変が確認され<br>新たな状況へと進行した。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0030, "状況よりも、事象の説明を求める<br>といった表情をしているようだが<br>その認識で正しいか?"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0040, "だが、ここに<br>正確な認知は必要ないと認識する。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0050, "貴方は、多くのものを救う機会を持つと<br>それだけを把握しておけば、事足りる。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0060, "いや、説明が十全でない。正しくない。<br>貴方を納得させるだけの言葉を<br>今のわたしは学習し得ていない……"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0070, "だから、わたしは謝罪する。<br>いまだ信用を得るに足らないわたしを。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0080, "そして、それでも貴方に頼るわたしを<br>わたしは謝罪する。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0090, "……新たなマターボードが産まれた。<br>それはつまり、新規偶発事象への介入が<br>可能になったことを意味する。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0100, "わたしの後悔はいまだ続く。<br>貴方がそれを払う標となることを<br>願っている。"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, st_010190_0110, "A.P.238/2/28/14:00"
sk_st_010190\st_010190.text, st_010190, 0, text01, "<br>マターボード『明日を待つ』を入手しました。<br>"
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0010, "That...actually went better than expected. They probably won't chase us."
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0020, "Hey, buddy? You've been looking that way the entire time we were fighting. Something over there caught your interest?"
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0030, "You heard someone's voice? If it was someone calling for help, then we'd better check it out."
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0040, "Well, it's up to you. I'll follow your lead, buddy."
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0050, "Where is it?"
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0060, "What's wrong, buddy? Is there something over there, too?"
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0070, "Hmmm...I've got a bad feeling about this, but if you're going that way, then I'll follow."
sk_st_010210\st_010210.text, st_010210, 0, st_010210_0080, "A.P.238/2/20/10:30"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0010, "Hey, who's that guy? I'm getting a really bad vibe from him."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0020, "He's human, right?<br>But what's that..."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0030, "You..."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0040, "Uhh, buddy? Do you know this guy? No, I guess you wouldn't."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0050, "...I'll kill you."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0060, "Woah! Hey, now!<br>...Did we do something to piss him off?"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0070, "Die while you're still-"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0080, "...!"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0090, "Heh, I took this mission out of boredom, but it looks like things might get interesting."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0130, "Looks like I found someone to play with...<br>Fwahahaha...haha..."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0140, "Mmmmm... Hey! Shina! Who is this guy? Hurry and look him up!"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0150, "Right away..."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0160, "Hmm? ...Master Gettemhart...his information is not in the database."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0170, "What?"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0180, "Damn it, he got away. Just when I thought I was going to have some fun."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0190, "It's one weirdo after another. What the hell is going on here?"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0200, "Hey! You there!"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0210, "M...me?"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0220, "Can it, pipsqueak! I'm not talking to you."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0230, "You there! That guy was after you, right? What's his deal?"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0240, "1. I have no idea!"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0250, "2. Thank you for saving us."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0260, "You don't know? Playing dumb won't get you anywhere."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0270, "Thank you? Fwahahaha...haha...what a little brat you are."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0280, "Save your sentiment for the Darkers. I want that guy's information."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0290, "Whatever. From that dumb look on your face, I'm guessing you really don't know."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0300, "You look like you might be fun to play with one day...but you're still too weak for now."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0310, "Damn it, now I'm bored again. Let's go, Shina!"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0320, "Yes, Master Gettemhart."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0330, "...<%me>, please excuse us."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0340, "...What the hell just happened? I'm beat. Let's head back, buddy."
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, st_010220, 0, st_010220_0350, "A.P.238/2/20/12:00"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "The Masked Figure"
sk_st_010220\st_010220.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "第1章 ずっと明日を待っていた"
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Qwerty » Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:35 pm

Chapter 2:

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sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0010, "万事において、全てを選ぶ事は不可能。<br>光陰の後を見定めた諦念も必要である。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0020, "事象は蝶の羽が如く揺らぎ、流転する。<br>時として不為になることもある。<br>だがそれは決して無為ではない。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0030, "貴方は迷わないで欲しい。<br>そのためにわたしとわたしたちが居る。<br>そのためだけに、わたしは居る。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0040, "……新たなマターボードが産まれた。<br>事象は変遷を見せ、未だ遠き道ながら<br>全ては確然と近づいている。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0050, "貴方の行動が未来を決めるという事。<br>わたしが表現するのはただそれだけ。<br>……迂遠な言葉を謝罪する。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0060, "わたしとわたしたちが今言えるのは<br>ここまでであり、これからも<br>ここまでであることは自明である。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0070, "……だから、わたしは願う。<br>貴方の掴む未来が、一縷を掴んだ<br>ものであることを。"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, st_010230_0080, "A.P.238/3/1/14:00"
sk_st_010230\st_010230.text, st_010230, 0, text01, "<br>マターボード『不測の予測が見せるもの』を入手しました。<br>"
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, st_010240, 0, st_010240_0010, "<%me>...<br>Can you hear me?<br>It's Rogio."
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, st_010240, 0, st_010240_0020, "I wanted to thank you again for accepting this quest."
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, st_010240, 0, st_010240_0030, "I'm monitoring the data from here, <%me>. Could you please proceed to the end of this area?"
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, st_010240, 0, st_010240_0040, "The forest connects directly to the tundra. Not exactly a natural climate change..."
sk_st_010240\st_010240.text, st_010240, 0, st_010240_0050, "A.P.238/3/2/9:00"
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, st_010250, 0, st_010250_0010, "These readings just now...Darkers? Studies suggest that they always attack Arks on sight."
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, st_010250, 0, st_010250_0020, "But this...it's like they're looking for something? This sort of behavior has never been reported."
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, st_010250, 0, st_010250_0030, "Kind of eerie. It might prove a hindrance, so be careful as you investigate."
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, st_010250, 0, st_010250_0040, "But now that I think about it...there were rumors circulating that the Darkers are looking for something."
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, st_010250, 0, st_010250_0050, "I wonder if that's what you just observed. If that's the case, then I wonder what they're searching for."
sk_st_010250\st_010250.text, st_010250, 0, st_010250_0060, "A.P.238/3/2/10:00"
sk_st_010255\st_010255.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010255\st_010255.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010255\st_010255.text, st_010255, 0, st_010255_0010, "Sorry about the tricky location, but I think we can get the data here."
sk_st_010255\st_010255.text, st_010255, 0, st_010255_0020, "<%me>,<br>would you please collect all of the sample locations marked on your map?"
sk_st_010255\st_010255.text, st_010255, 0, st_010255_0030, "A.P.238/3/2/10:30"
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0010, "<%me>,<br>can you hear me?"
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0020, "I was able to collect the data I was after."
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0030, "But as for the Darkers you encountered...I really am completely baffled."
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0040, "From the readings, it looked like they were looking for something. But without more information,<br>it's too dangerous to continue."
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0050, "Not the most ideal stopping point, but we got the required data, so let's call it a day."
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0060, "<%me>, it's good that you came out of this unharmed."
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, st_010260, 0, st_010260_0070, "A.P.238/3/2/11:00:00"
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "Questionable Histories"
sk_st_010260\st_010260.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "第2章 不気味なナベリウス"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, st_010280, 0, st_010280_0010, "<%me>?<br>Your coordinates stopped moving.<br>Is something the matter?"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, st_010280, 0, st_010280_0020, "Was someone there just now?"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, st_010280, 0, st_010280_0030, "I wonder...could that have been the rumored mystery person seen in the tundra?"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, st_010280, 0, st_010280_0040, "What's that, <%me>?<br>Has something happened?"
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, st_010280, 0, st_010280_0050, "A sound? No, I don't see anything in the data on my end..."
sk_st_010280\st_010280.text, st_010280, 0, st_010280_0060, "A.P.238/3/2/10:30"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0010, "<%me>.<br>Are you okay?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0020, "Another sound? Again, nothing on my end..."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0030, "Aha! <%me>! There's something there!"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0040, "What is it? It looks man-made."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0050, "An Arks relic? No, surely that can't be right."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0070, "Looking at the parameters...it seems like a weapon?<br>But the shape seems off. Is it broken?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0080, "...!"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0090, "<%me>,<br>are you okay?<br>Who was that?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0100, "Let go of that!"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0110, "That was a close call,<br><%me>!"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0120, "I caught a glimpse of this guy and decided to tail him."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0130, "Is he an Arks member?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0140, "Looking that up is your job, right?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0150, "Hmph...scanning the database."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0155, "There's no matching data? What's that about?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0160, "No need to get upset, Echo. He must have come from somewhere."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0170, "Hey you! Who are you? Where are you from?"
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0180, "... ... ..."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0190, "You're going to ignore me? And that stupid mask...it's like you're trying to tick me off."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0200, "Interfere and you die."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0210, "So that's how it's gonna be, eh? Guess we just have to beat the info out of you."
sk_st_010290\st_010290.text, st_010290, 0, st_010290_0220, "A.P.238/3/2/11:00"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0010, "You're open!"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0020, "...damn!"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0030, "Shit, that chipped my blade..."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0040, "...but it wasn't for nothing."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0050, "Curse you!"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0060, "That guy was pretty tough.<br><%me>, are you alright?"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0070, "You managed to hold your own. Nice work."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0080, "But what was he after? You, or that thing you're holding?"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0090, "...a weird sound?<br>No, I didn't hear anything like that."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0100, "Me neither..."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0110, "Still no sound readings in the data."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0120, "We can think about it once we're back in the lobby. Might as well head back now."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0130, "You got the data you were after, right, Rogio?"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0140, "Yes. This should be sufficient."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0150, "But why do you know the details of the quest?"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0160, "A good mentor always looks after his pupil."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0170, "You made me look it up."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0180, "Don't blow my cover. Anyway, let's head back."
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, st_010300, 0, st_010300_0190, "A.P.238/3/2/11:30"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, skit, 0, skit01, "『武器の破片/中軸』を手に入れた。"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "The Frozen Origin"
sk_st_010300\st_010300.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "第2章 不気味なナベリウス"
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Qwerty » Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:24 am

Well lookie here, it's Chapter 3:

Code: Select all
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0010, "新たなマターボードが産まれた。<br>これは、貴方の行為が意味を為し<br>事象の好転を示す。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0020, "わたしとわたしたちから、千の感謝を。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0030, "易き道程でない事を、わたしたちは知り<br>それでもわたしは貴方を頼った。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0040, "応えたのは貴方だ。<br>貴方の意思が応えた。<br>故に、わたしは感謝する。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0050, "貴方の認識において<br>優位事象の取得が行われている。<br>得た物は貴方以外に得られぬ物となる。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0060, "貴方が手にしたかの武器について<br>わたしは知らない。知り得ない。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0070, "ただ、それが貴方にとって<br>いずれわかる事象であると<br>わたしは知っている。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0080, "これ以上語るべき言葉を<br>わたしは持たない。<br>……許してほしい。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0090, "そして、幾度となく<br>貴方を頼らねばならないわたしを<br>どうか……許してほしい。"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, text01, "<br>マターボード『探すは姿、握るは腕』を入手しました。<br>"
sk_st_010310\st_010310.text, st_010310, 0, st_010310_0100, "A.P.238/3/3/14:00"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0010, "<%me>,<br>thanks again for helping out."
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0020, "Okay, okay. We're going to thank them this time!"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0030, "Plan? There is no plan. Let's just play it by ear."
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0040, "I'm not very smart, so I don't think planning would accomplish much anyway."
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0050, "Anyway, let's just wing it and do the thinking later!"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0060, "Hahaha... I know that isn't very cast-like, but that's just how I am."
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0070, "Alright! Let's go! Where should we start today?"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0080, "A.P.238/3/12"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0090, "Desert"
sk_st_010320\st_010320.text, st_010320, 0, st_010320_0100, "Planet Lillipa Desert Area"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0010, "Oh! I completely forgot to register this quest!"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0020, "Hmmm....hmmmmmm! Um...write this, and fill out that..."
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0030, "S...sorry, <%me>,<br>but do you know what time it is?"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0040, "11:00"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0050, "08:00"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0060, "Right, right. 11:00! Thanks."
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0070, "Sorry about the delay. Let's get going!"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0080, "Right, 08:00! Data entered."
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0090, "It looks like we're out really early today."
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0100, "There's still nobody out here yet. A quest so early in the day is a nice change of pace."
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, st_010330, 0, st_010330_0110, "A.P.238/3/12"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, Skit, 0, skit01, "Sand, Machines, and..."
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, Skit, 0, skit02, "第3章 砂塵の奥"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, Skit, 0, skit03, "The Tyrant in the Dunes"
sk_st_010330\st_010330.text, Skit, 0, skit04, "第3章 砂塵の奥"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0010, "What's up,<br><%me>?"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0020, "Hmmm?<br>What's that?"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0030, "Looks like something was dragged here. And there are small foot prints, too."
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0040, "But it looks like they ran off in a hurry. I wonder why..."
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0050, "Hmmm, if they were already in this area, then I wonder if we'll be able to find them."
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0060, "It's too early to give up! Let's keep looking!"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0070, "<%me>,<br>would you mind sticking around a bit longer?"
sk_st_010335\st_010335.text, st_010335, 0, st_010335_0080, "A.P.238/3/12/11:30"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0010, "What's with all this wreckage? I wonder what caused this."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0020, "...Ah! Hey, they're over there! Look!"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0030, "Um, excuse me, but...I just want to thank you..."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0040, "Ah! Please wait! Please hear me out!"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0050, "It's no use. They ran off into this little hole."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0060, "He was really shaking, wasn't he? I guess he was pretty scared..."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0070, "He did look like he was frightened by something. That's probably why he ran away."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0080, "But I didn't mean to frighten him. Oh, what to do now?"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0090, "...okay. No really, I'm okay. I can't let myself get down when I need to keep trying."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0100, "That's enough for now. Let's head back, <%me>."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0110, "It's fine. I'm certainly not giving up!"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, st_010340_0120, "A.P.238/3/12/12:00"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, st_010340, 0, linewindow001, "<br>Fourier can now be called as a partner.<br>"
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "Sand, Machines, and..."
sk_st_010340\st_010340.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "第3章 砂塵の奥"
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0010, "Hey,<%me>.<br>Look over there!"
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0020, "The aftermath of some battle? There are pieces of guard mechs all over. I don't want to look at it..."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0030, "I didn't think there was anyone this brutal among the Arks. It's pretty frightening when you think about it."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0040, "Oh, it's nothing. I was just worried about them."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0050, "On Lillipa, there's really nothing but guard mechs and Darkers."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0060, "So the Lillipans are pretty much surrounded by enemies."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0070, "That...and we Arks aren't exactly allies, either."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0080, "With all this fighting, it's no wonder they would run off."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0090, "Sorry, I guess I went off on a tangent, there."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0100, "We're not their enemy. If we don't tell them that from the start, then we'll never get to know them."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0110, "Since we already met, it would be a shame if we weren't able to get along."
sk_st_010360\st_010360.text, st_010360, 0, st_010360_0120, "A.P.238/3/12/9:00"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, CharaName, 0, name01, "???"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, CharaName, 0, name02, "???"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0010, "What's that sound? Weapons clashing...? Is there a battle nearby?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0020, "What's wrong? For being made of metal, you sure aren't very tough! This is boring! Fight harder!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0030, "...This is awful."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0040, "What do you think you're doing? This is my playground, and I'm not about to hand it over."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0050, "Hmmm...nevermind the cast, but I've seen you before, haven't I?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0060, "It's <%me>,<br>Master."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0070, "Ah, right, right. That loser. This won't do! I should at least remember the names of my prey."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0080, "But since you're here, then that masked bastard must be here, too, right?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0090, "...or do you think you can entertain me?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0100, "Get out of my sight, woman. I have no interest in you."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0110, "So you're the Arks member that caused all the destruction around here!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0120, "Destruction? What of it? That's what we do as Arks, right?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0130, "We go down to planets and destroy all the enemies in our way. And that's just what I'm doing."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0140, "That's not true. We also take care of the local inhabitants..."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0150, "I don't want to listen to your useless drivel."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0160, "Yeah, like we should care about natives that have surely been infected by Darkers. They'll only attack us."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0170, "That's right, isn't it,<br><%me>?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0190, "1. Nod your head."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0200, "2. Shake your head."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0210, "See, I knew you saw it my way. We share the same nature, you and I!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0220, "<%me> isn't like that!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0230, "Unlike you, <%me> understands reality!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0240, "No way!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0250, "Oh-hoh! Looks like we've got another bleeding heart here!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0260, "Fine, be that way. But you can't hide your true feelings. Not from me."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0270, "What's with this little twerp? He just keeps staring our way."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0280, "It doesn't matter. He's probably already infected by the Darkers. Watch, he'll come after us when we turn our backs."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0290, "So...I'll just smash his little skull in here and now. Save the Arks the trouble later."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0300, "Stop!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0310, "What?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0320, "Are you okay? Get out of here!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0330, "You'd sacrifice yourself to save an enemy? Hahahah...heha... You really are a moron."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0340, "He's not an enemy! The Lillipans have saved me before, that's why this time I-"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0350, "<%me>...are you this craven, too?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0360, "You really just don't get it, do you?"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0370, "Even these little furballs are going to end up infected, and then they'll come after us."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0380, "Really, tearing them to pieces now is only humane..."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0390, "Aww, don't give me that look, you worthless cast."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0400, "This is getting old! Let's go, Sheena!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0410, "...understood.<br><%me>, please excuse us."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0420, "Sheena! Move your ass!"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0430, "...I'm okay, the injury isn't very serious. I'm built to be pretty sturdy."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0450, "I know...there's some truth to what he said, I know..."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0460, "If they get infected by the Darkers, then we'll have no choice to but to fight them..."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0470, "I know that thanking them might be pointless. There's a chance I'm just delaying the inevitable."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0480, "But still, I'd like to believe there's a purpose in what I'm doing."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0490, "Were you worried about me? Thanks, but I'm fine. Really."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0510, "That was pretty hairy, but I guess it turned out okay."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0520, "It may take a while, but I'm not giving up."
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, st_010370, 0, st_010370_0530, "A.P.238/3/12/10:00"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, endcall, 0, skit01, "The Tyrant in the Dunes"
sk_st_010370\st_010370.text, endcall, 0, skit02, "第3章 砂塵の奥"

Gettemhart is fun to write.
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Kion » Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:47 am

Partner is stodgy in Japanese too. He's supposed to be an annoying character, so him saying that is part of his character trait. He's pretty much the Ash of Pso2, so I expect him to come back as a bad ass eventually. Ideally it would be great if he died some worthless death, came back a mother fucking bad-ass boss and was like "long time no see partner. I mean honestly they could leave out the "partner" part completely and he would sound normal, so I think it's best to leave that phrasing from the original Japanese to avoid any possible plot holes in the future.

And yeah, Ghettemhalt is a lot of fun to write. Except occasionally it's hard to make him not sound like a huge homosexual half of the time.
*Ghettemhalt and Zeno get in a fight* "come on Zeno, I can enjoy myself if it's with you" :shock:
I know he means fighting, but still..... ew....

Edit: I have the csv file written for the next release. I'm trying to look over it for major spelling mistakes and things like that now before I upload it. Right now I need to get to work, (been doing this for the last three hours while alt-tabbing to make it look like i'm actually doing something). I'll have it up in a couple of hours.
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Qwerty » Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:40 am

Yeah, but "aibou" means bro, buddy, partner, pal, homie. Affine is supposed to be kind of obnoxious, yes. "Partner" doesn't sound obnoxious, it sounds up-tight. Affine's kind of clingy and sycophantic. "Bro" or "buddy" or "pal" sounds more in line with that than "partner" does. "Partner" just sounds...bland.

Oh, and re: Gayttemhart, it's not that he's attracted to Zeno, but that he is, well, "turned on" by fighting strong people, no matter who or what they are. He's a really campy character, so there's nothing wrong with him sounding a little twisted. Really, he should be off-putting.
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Kion » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:05 am

The fact that's it's so lame that it makes you want to smack him is exactly what I like about it. :) Dood (disgaea homage) would be perfectly okay with me tho.

And yeah, Gayttemhalt would be a fun character to really make an overly violent lunatic, the problem is the game doesn't give much fodder for that. Chapter 8:
Ghettemhalt: "What I am I doing here?"
Ghettemhalt: "I'm on a a picnic, hahaha!"
:roll: um.... yeah..... If you could re-dub it then you could alter what he says, but with the Japanese voices I get the feeling that people would says, "but he specifically says 'picnic', what's with these terrible translations?"
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Re: Story Patch Discussion/Bug Report Thread

Postby Qwerty » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:19 am

What? No! The picnic line is Chapter 8 is great! One of Gettemhart's best deranged moments.

Zeno: Gettemhart, what are you doing here?
Gettem: Isn't it obvious? I'm enjoying a lovely picnic!

He is clearly a man that is loving this shit. He is an overly violent lunatic. That's like, the definition of his character!
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