Can I give any assistance?

I'm sure PSO2 will get a US version some time this century. Meanwhile there is a patch and this is the forum where you can discuss it and get help with issues.

Can I give any assistance?

Postby Kane » Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:45 am

Hello. My name is Kane Hart.

I'm a youtuber, game developer and just a bored guy. Here is my profile for more info about me:

So I like to help out. I speak no JP and I know just using straight google translate is just a bad idea. But I like to help make the game better. I see a lot of just small things at times that could be done with some basic fixing. I know I could list them all here but at the end of the day it could take weeks if not months for someone to get around. And what I found around here is most people have jobs, lives, busy, burned, etc. I like to be that guy who fixes these little issues around and apply them.

What I have planned:
I go around taking a picture game and adding them to say a google document. From there if I can I will use say a program to grab the text and post that in small database with the image. From here I will find people to help translate it the best they can. These would be smaller things at first like the name of a NPC you always come across or maybe a random text you see very common. Then I would go ahead and apply these to the English Patch and test them and go on from there.

Now I have had my fair share of hexediting back in the day. I actually hand translated a crap ton of things like MU, L2, etc using hexedit... This back when life was not so simple and we were using the Korean versions if I recall of the clients. From what I hear life is a 100 times more easy then that from the sounds of it. We just have to deal with strings?

Even if you don't want my assistance I love to do this even for myself. I might if it's easy to convert everything out of binary store it on a local git and that way i can keep merging changes and just apply my own changes if no one is interested.

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Can I give any assistance?

Postby Agrajag » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:01 am

Alright, so.

The way things work, in theory, is that we hurry through the initial translation work (on the day of the update), then go back and fix up whatever we miss for the next week(s). We're pretty good at the initial translation (if you exclude the occasional incorrectly built update, we're getting most of what we set out to do in any given update, with fairly few textual errors). We're not doing a good job of going back and fixing things afterward (because of, as you suggested, work/lives/burnout). If people find anything, we try to keep up with the Localization Argumentation Destination thread, although I'll admit we occasionally fall behind on fixing what's reported there.

That said! There are quite a few things that slip through the cracks that are, generally, tedious but not difficult. A lot of them need fairly minimal knowledge of Japanese (like... "can you find a katakana chart?" level), a few of them just require looking up how things got handled elsewhere. It's thankless, it's boring, but it's helpful.

Generally, because the PSO2 file format is extremely unfriendly to hex edit (but very friendly to being rebuilt from scratch), we work on exported (to csv, for cross-compatibility's sake) versions of the files. For instance, a single PA description would be:
ac_name_text\actor_name.text, PAExplanation, 0, WlancePA11, "『自在槍』用のフォトンアーツ。<br>鮮やかに敵の攻撃を避けつつ攻撃を行う。<br>任意の方向に入力する事で挙動が変化。"
We have a tool that'll import a gigantic csv of all the text files into the game.

If you're interested, let me know, we can upload a few known problem areas for you to take a look at.
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Re: Can I give any assistance?

Postby Kira R » Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:45 pm

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Re: Can I give any assistance?

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Re: Can I give any assistance?

Postby johnnyexpert » Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:17 am

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