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[Help]Wanna Play PSO2..First Time

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:26 pm
by dondale8
I wanna play PSO2
-I tried to download English version ... 0711.0.rar
But it said
Code: Select all
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.5e307a5c.1455986011.13dfd060

-So Could you tell me what i should to do to download it and play without any problem ?
-What better JP version OR English version ? And whish server can i find ppl speak english or Arabic ?

Waiting Your Reply
Appreciate Your Help

Re: [Help]Wanna Play PSO2..First Time

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:46 am
by Qwerty
That's the South-East Asia version. You can't play it outside of South-East Asia. But that's ok! Because it's terrible.

You can play the Japanese version. Get it here:
Alternatively, get the Tweaker here: It's a program (in English) that will download/install/patch the Japanese version of the game.

Most people speaking English are in Ship 2. I am not aware of any Arabic communities in the game, but there might be some out there.