PSO2 SEA makes me sad

I'm sure PSO2 will get a US version some time this century. Meanwhile there is a patch and this is the forum where you can discuss it and get help with issues.

PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Agrajag » Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:18 am

The only official English PSO2. It does a few things very well. On the other hand, all of the following is true:

Are referred to as "Oceanid" for emergency trial names/objectives and client order objectives (e.g "Oceanid Subdual").
Are referred to as "Neptunian" in most CO text (e.g Hans order "The Prowling Neptunian") and the damage boost potentials ("Neptunian Bane").
Are referred to as "Sea Kings" in random other situations ("A hostile race of native species known as Sea Kings<br>has been discovered in the coastal regions of<br>Planet Wopal." from the first ARKS Quest).
Are referred to as "Ocean King" in the extreme quest name ("X Trial: Ruins and Ocean King").

Note: To go along with Naberius and Amduscia, we are guessing that ウォパル (woparu) was based on ウェパル (weparu, Vepar), but "Wopal" is an accurate, if overly literal rendering of the spelling.
Org Blan is generally "Orgbran". Except when it's "Org Blan" (in Hans' CO "King of the Sea clad with Fury"), and of course the rare is "Org Keratos".
"Fusillade Flower" and "Carnemone" are both pretty cool names (the former is Shell Flower, the latter is Gum Anemone), shame they spelled the latter "Carnenome", which is just kinda goofy.

Quests in general:
Line breaks are sketchy at best. Even the preview site shows the descriptions as being clipped. For instance, in extreme quests:
To test your combat skills under more extreme condition
Because this is such a dangerous training program, in or

Literally two thirds of the description is gone.
Multiple of the GP quests spells it "Pris" (2013 main quest and finals, incidentally).
Extreme quests are super-inconsistent. You have "X trial: Greenscape and Dragons" (reminder: "Dragorii" is their preferred translation of Dragonkin, but at least they kept their area name), "X trial: Frozen Ground & Armor" (JP story text name for tundra and a translation that nobody uses for armor-type machines), and then "X Trial: Ruins and Ocean King" (see above re: Oceanids, and oh look they finally figured out how to capitalize "X Trial").
Advanced Quests: Vast majority are "Adv. Surveillance: (area name)". Seabed is instead "Special Adv. Check : Undersea".
Ruins: Quest objective and description calls it "D-arkeim". Object is actually named "Darchyme".
Not a quest, but Lavere's "Fanatic Killing" COs still have the Japanese separator in them ("Fanatic・Killing・Ⅱ").

Enemies in general:
Sega names for normal enemies, patch names for rares.
"Vaadersoma" has a rare form of "Embryo Vardha". The tank is, of course, "Big Varder" (and they were nice enough to keep the rare one in line with the normal one there). Soul calls is Vardha Soma, tips call it Varder Soma.
"Dekor Maryuda" has the rare form "Nove Maluda" (neither is ours, but...).
"Fangbanther Subdual" has enemies named "Fangbanser". Yep.
Ruins quest: "Destroy Walgarda" has the objective "Destroy Volgada!" (the tips on dying to it call it "Volgada", as well); the soul calls the enemy "Wolgardha", and one of the daily orders calls it "Wolgahda" (the episode 2 team orders use the patch names more often than not, fun fact).
Blu Ringahda: Enemy named "Bru Ringarda". Various COs call it "Brew Ringer". Soul calls it "Blu Ringahda" (spoilers: they stole a bunch of our names for souls, too).
Zeshrayda: Enemy name is Zeshraider (as the soundtrack describes), the soul is "Zeshrayda", the rare boss is "Rigshrayda"... except in Girard's order, where it's "Rigshraider".
Rare dragons: -ahl in general (Burn Drahl, Caterdrahl, Crys Drahl)... until you get to Haze Draal, Noire Draal, Zoron Goraal... who are of course named differently in Girard's orders, which go with nothing (no Haze order), "Nowal Drahl" ("noire" is pronounced "nowal", but no), and "Zolon Gorahl".

Nagrants, Nafoie... Na Barta, Na Megid.
Megiverse... and Zanbaas.
On discs, you'd have (for instance) "Twin Machinegun photon move". However, you would have "Katanas PA" or "Bullet Bows PA".
Bullet PP Save has the description of "Reduces PA and photon magic PP consumption when a special bullet is loaded." Half-localized, hooray.
S Roll Arts has the description of "Consumes PP to unleash a powerful attack with the PA button during stylish roll. "
The "you learned a PA" message is "You learned level $(0)." The PA name is, of course, appended directly to the front--"FoieYou learned level 1."

Force got localized as "Wizard". Techer got localized as... Techer.

I'll admit the patch has consistency problems. SEA makes it look perfectly stable. All of these issues have been in since the beta test. They don't fix things.

It annoys me. It annoys me so much.
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Qwerty » Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:07 am

When should we expect our check?
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Maenara » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:33 pm

To be fair, your patch has some consistency issues as well, though it's primarily between the two separate teams' translation works, story patch/item patch run by AIDA, and then everything else by you guys. You guys should really communicate more. Honestly, I don't understand the whole idea of two separate teams.

SEA is a million times worse though.
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Agrajag » Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:22 pm

In general, yes, it does need a consistency pass.

In particular, the main patch is 43000 lines of text (that's partially or completely translated stuff only--there's another 10,000 lines we haven't touched), plus probably twice as much in the story patch.

It's probably not happening.

For the record, I define "one line" as anywhere between
"You must remove your crafting advertisement<br>and complete all pending crafting orders and/or<br>requests before transferring to another ship.<br><br>Please check the following:<br>・Advertisement Settings (in the crafting<br>menu of your room's terminal):<br>Cancel all currently set crafting recipes.<br><br>・Ordered Craft Recipes (in the crafting<br>menu of your room's terminal):<br>Complete and/or cancel any incomplete requests.<br><br>・Requested Craft Recipes (in the vision phone's crafting information):<br>Cancel any requests you have placed."

Qwerty wrote:When should we expect our check?

Having the privilege of paying sega to play their game without irritating restrictions is all the payment you've earned.
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Qwerty » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:12 pm

Maenara wrote:To be fair, your patch has some consistency issues as well,
We're also not charging money or claiming it is anything other than amateur job. Not that this excuses issues, but you get the point.

The two team thing...please do realize that all of these efforts are only loosely organized. We do what we can, but (at least on our end here), there's really quite few people who work on patch stuff. The volume of text is (as Agrajag described above) itself a lot to handle, and trying to organize and concert a consistency check over all translated files is simply a Herculean task to which I sincerely doubt anyone is up.

That said, we do try to fix things that our brought to our attention in the other thread here. We do have some standards.
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Maenara » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:52 pm

What's your guys' endgame goal here? Just how much is really on the table to be translated? I'm just curious.

And don't worry, I'm not complaining. It really is sad that, what, five people can pull off such a massively higher-quality translation than a dedicated MMO company can. Even when PSO2 does get an official english version it doesn't get an english version.
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Agrajag » Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:34 pm

To be completely honest, the goal was a stopgap until the english version came out and we could either drop this, or just rip the english script and dump it in.

Two and a half years in, the goal is to keep up with primarily critical text. Menus, client order/quest descriptions, etc--I would generally not refuse if people did flavor text (this is how the partner character chatter got in, along with a bunch of client order descriptions--AIDA's group, etc), but otherwise, critical stuff only, and failing that, a "bad" translation is worse than "no" translation (hence why potentials stayed in Japanese for so long--in Japanese, you can look them up on swiki or whatever, in mistranslated english, good luck).

When any given "major" update is another 1000 lines of text, you learn to prioritize, you know?

(Unfortunately, the giant panic this causes also tends to leave us a bit too burned out to revisit things in between...)

EDIT: For reference, tonight's update was 642 strings. Broken down, that is... (bold are priority)
13 NPC/enemy/object names/descriptions
60 partner character chat lines (+1 card description)
22 Bingo orders
2 E-trial name/description (Magatsu-related--one line name, one description)
13 E-trial navigator chatter
1 affix (Sakura Fever)
50 affix placeholders
4 lobby NPC chatter
24 bits of quest-related navigator chatter ("You're about to be transported in front of Dark Falz Elder..." or warnings mid-quest or whatever)
22 quest names/descriptions/objectives/etc
11 bits of challenge text
5 block/logout messages
311 accessories/outfits/voices
2 other character creation messages
2 Bingo names
2 Bingo descriptions
12 NPC shop messages/titles/etc
7 Potential descriptions
5 Challenge Mode general messages
3 other general messages
Nagisa's partner card name
11 block descriptions
43 tips
7 Challenge Quest ranking conditions
2 Emergency Quest warnings
6 quest counter menu items
1 new menu item for character selection

Fun times.
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Courina » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:09 pm

Maenara wrote:What's your guys' endgame goal here? Just how much is really on the table to be translated? I'm just curious.

And don't worry, I'm not complaining. It really is sad that, what, five people can pull off such a massively higher-quality translation than a dedicated MMO company can. Even when PSO2 does get an official english version it doesn't get an english version.

nah, we keep called it SEA version anyway... and i think there's intentional pun from SEGA about "Lost SEA", the 1st section of Lilipan Planet ... does means hope for EN server really lost ??

and speak of Lilipa... think there's also inconsistencies about how these Ewoks called too in various places... kinda wondering if the official EN (read : SEA) translator not even trying to do proff checking their translation ?
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Agrajag » Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:59 am

Been a few months. Episode 2's been released, the first mining base defense quest has been released, and that means... first major client update! Let's see what's changed.

Lagomite->Lagomite Species (the NPC was technically "Lillipa Tribe")
Xiao->Hsiao (10/10 would buy again)

    JP: SEA (patch)
    アリス: Aris (Alis)
    ケイン: Cane (Kain)
    リナ: Rina (Lina)
    マーリナ: Merlina (Marlena)
    ナナイ: Nanai (Nanai)
    ユクリータ: Yukurita (Eucreta)
    キーファス: Kifas (Keefus--yes, I know this is terrible; I'm happy they couldn't figure it out either)
    ウィティア: Witia (Whittier)
    ジャスパー: Jasper (Jasper)
    フロスティ: Frosty (Frosty)

Listing these separate because they're special (they're the default clone NPCs):
    アイン: Aein (Ein)
    ツー: Duo (Two)
    トレイス: Treize (Tres)
    キャトル: Quatre (Quatre)
    カムサー: Camsa (Khamsa)
    ロク: Roc (Roku)
They're... numbers! One (German), Two (English), Three (Spanish), Four (French), Five (Arabic), Six (Japanese). SEA does get points for swapping "Two" to be "Duo" (Latin/Italian/etc), but they lose so many for "Roc" (can't really blame them, though--it's a pain to track down words from other languages as rendered sketchily in katakana).

    サクリファイスバイト: Sacrifice Bite (Sacrifice's Bite)
    カイザーライズ: Kaiser Rise (Kaiser Rise)
    ヴォルグラプター: Volgrapter (Vol Graptor) -- they couldn't figure it out, either
    ファセットフォリア: Falsetto Folia (Facet Folia) -- interesting idea, but it's almost certainly "facet"
    ケイオスライザー: Keio Slider (Chaos Riser) -- SO CLOSE (also they misread "za" as "da")
    バックハンドスマッシュ: Back Hand Smash (Backhand Smash)
    メテオフィスト: Meteor Fist (Meteor Fist)
    レーゲンシュラーク: Regen Schlag (Regenschlag)
    サテライトカノン: Satellite Cannon (Satellite Cannon)
    コスモスブレイカー: Cosmos Breaker (Cosmos Breaker)
    シフトピリオド: Shift Billiard (Shift Period) -- this is a recurring theme; someone has issues with diacritics. ピ is "pi" (pronounced like "pee"), ビ is "bi" (pronounced like "bee")
    シュンカシュンラン: Shunka Shunran (Shunka-shunran)
    カザンナデシコ: Kazan Pink (Kazan-nadeshiko) -- Translator's note: "nadeshiko" means "pink"
    フドウクチナシ: Fudou Kuchinashi (Fudou-kuchinashi)
    ラストネメシス: Last Nemesis (Final Nemesis)
    バニッシュアロウ: Vanish Arrow (Banishing Arrow) -- バ can be "ba" or "va", but I prefer "banish" in this context because it's about destroying things, not just making them disappear
    ミリオンストーム: Million Storm (Million Storm)
Generally fairly unremarkable, outside a couple errors and the baffling decision to translate "nadeshiko". Techs got a consistency pass (Zanbaas is now properly "Zanverse", Na Barta is now "Nabarta"), the new techs are Ilfoie/etc.

A bunch of old enemies got renamed:
    Walgarda -> Wolgahda
    Fangalphur -> Fangulfur
    Galphur -> Gulfur
    Vintbalger -> Vinto Vargr
    Ganonbalger -> Ganon Vargr
    Jagd Valgar -> Jagd Vargr
    "Gardinan" -> " Guardinane" (note the space)
    Gustgardinan -> Custom Guardinane
    Quchronada -> Kuklonahda
    Cycloneda -> Cyclonehda
7:02 PM <EspioKaos> Man, that's... it's actually kind of frustrating seeing that.
7:02 PM <EspioKaos> Or, the fact that we're STILL seeing that.

    Fordran -> Fodoran
    Banse Ang -> Banse Ong
    Fangbanser -> Fang Banser -- I prefer the space, it feels a bit better.
    Fangbanshee -> Fang Banshee
    Snowbanser -> Snow Banser
    Snowbanshee -> Snow Banshee
    Guntram -> Gettemhult -- the character's still named "Guntram", this only affects the version you fight in e1ch8
    Mr. Umbra -> Santa Umbra -- whoops? (this is the santa one)
    Tranmizer -> Transmizer -- Less literal, but I kinda like this. The prefix is "trans", not "tran" (transform, transmit, transcode, not tranform, tranmit, trancode).
I suspect the "Gettemhult" there is significant.

New enemies:
    Japanese: SEA (patch)
    ジグルベッコ: Jigurubekko (Siglubecko) -- Whoops, we missed the diacritic on this one (should be "Ziglubecko" or something). Lazy romanization.
    ゴルドラーダ: Gold Dorada (Goldrahda) -- Modified enemy name to enforce the parallel with the rare version.
    リンゼ・ドラーダ: Rinse Dorada (Rinze Drahda)
    ダブリューネ: Daburyune (Doublune) -- Lazy romanization
    バル・ダブリューネ: Baru Daburyune (Bal Doublune) -- Lazy romanization
    ダブリュンダ: Daburyuda (Doublunda) -- Lazy romanization
    ヴィドルーダ: Vidoruda (Vidoluda)
    ダーク・ビブラス: Dark Vibras (Dark Vibrace)
    ダーク・リンゼス: Dark Rinse (Dark Rinzece) -- They lost the s on the end.
    ダーク・ビブラス・ユガ: Dark Vibras Yuga (Dark Vibrace Yuga)
    ダーク・リンゼス・ユガ: Dark Rinse Yuga (Dark Rinzece Yuga)
    ソルザ・ブラーダ: Solsa Burada (Sorza Brahda) -- Missing a diacritic (Solza).
    ランズ・ヴァレーダ: Lance Vareda (Lanz Vareda) -- Missing diacritic on their side.
    ヴァダ・ランズーネ: Vada Ransune (Vada Lanzune)
    Mr.ボワン: Mr Bowan (Mr. Boing) -- "Bowan" is literal, but that's pretty much their equivalent for the "boing" onomatopoeia. Also, the emergency trial calls him "Mr Poof".
    ファルス・アンゲル: Falz Angel (Falz Angel)
    アポス・ドリオス: Apost Doriosu (Apos Dorios) -- "Apos" is from "Apostle", almost certainly.
    アポストル・トリッツァー: Apostoru Torittsa (Apostle Dritzer) -- Another diacritic mistake on our part, whoops. On the other hand... lazy romanization.
    アークス・アビスHM: ARKS Abisu HM (Abyssal ARKS (HM)) -- Now you're not even trying :(
    アークス・アビスHF: ARKS Abisu HF (Abyssal ARKS (HF))
    アークス・アビスRM: ARKS Abisu RM (Abyssal ARKS (RM))
    アークス・アビスRF: ARKS Abisu RF (Abyssal ARKS (RF))
    アークス・アビスFM: ARKS Abisu FM (Abyssal ARKS (FM))
    アークス・アビスFF: ARKS Abisu FF (Abyssal ARKS (FF))
    オーザ: Oza (Ohza)
    マールー: Maru (Marlu) -- Character is still named "Marlu".
    リサ: Risa (Lisa)
    フーリエ: Fourier (Fourier)
    カスラ: Casra (Casra)
    カスラ: Casra (Casra)
    ルーサー: Luther (Luther)
    テオドール: Theodor (Theodore)
    レギアス: Regiasu (Regius) -- Lazy romanization for a character who's already named (Regius).
    クラリスクレイス: Clariskrays (Claris Claes)
    クローンKK: Clone KK (Claris Clone) -- We sidestepped the "we translated the name without actually having a K for either initial" by renaming her clones. SEA... didn't.
    ナイトギア: Knight Gear (Knight Gear)
    魔導騎士ナイトギア: Knight Gear (Magi-Knight Gear) -- Lost the prefix, so now the common and rare variants have the same name.
    【仮面】: Mask ([Persona]) -- guys you got it right the previous time (note: this is the double saber version from e2ch6)
There are a bunch of lazy romanizations there, and some spotty consistency as well.

Luther Soul (based on a Luther specimen!)
Mark Joyo (good)
Mark Kalezyna (bad, bad, bad)
Mark Angar (good)
Mark Glyph (ehh)
Nightgear Soul (well done)

The current client runs to the end of episode 2. I'm sure everyone knows what that means:
NPC 119: 【敗者】, translated as [Loser]
Enemies DpBird and DpBirdFake: ダークファルス・ルーサー (daakufarusu ruusaa), translated as Dark Falz [Loser]

Quest: Appearance of Warrior [Loser] (patch name: Paragon of Deceit: Loser)
There were strong responses in the corrupted
old Mothership. The enemies should be lying in
ambush at the deepest level. I'm afraid the area
will be dictated by the [Loser]. Now, we are
unable to predict what will happen. However,
we shall stand our ground. Falling back is
unthinkable. Aim to destroy all Dark Falz [Loser].
Inform everyone that this is the final fight.
Failure Condition:
Defeat at the deepest level, Time Limit over.

Short description: Defeat Dark Falz Loser
Objective: Defeat Dark Falz Luther

    If the arm of Dark Falz Loser is destroyed, area that can be destroyed will appear on <br>the upperarm. If the upperarm is destroyed within the time limit, there is a chance.
    [Mirage] is effective to the tummy area of Dark Falz Loser. If Mirage is applied to <br>the tummy area, area of weakness that can be destroyed will be exposed.
    The core of the chest of Dark Falz Lose is protected by a barrier. When the upper <br>arm is destroyed, the barrier will be disabled temporarily, exposing the core.
    The attack by Dark Falz Loser to stop time can be disabled by pressing the <br>Move key repeatedly. Destroy the floating sword and avoid fatal attacks.
    When Dark Falz Loser is in an angry state, it's attack becomes more powerful. <br>However, when the gem on its chest is destroyed, all its attacks will be weakened.

EQ notifications:
    Urgent warning issued. Together with the corrupted old mothership, Dark Falz [Loser] is still approaching.
    Urgent mission issued. The gang of Dark Falz[Loser] was confirmed. Large-scaled destroy mission was started. Every ARKS member must penetrate the corrupted old mothership via quest counter.
    The coordinates of Dark Falz[Loser] were obtained. It seemed like they were storing power by using the remaining gang. Every ARKS member must attack immediately and destroy them. (Agrajag's note: this one is never used in any version)
    The coordinates of Dark Falz[Loser] were obtained. Every ARKS member must attack immediately and destroy them.
    Battle with Dark Falz[Loser] is currently underway. Every ARKS member must attack through quest counter.
It's not exactly final, but... still feeling somewhat vindicated.

The rest is the standard mix of "bad translations", "somewhat okay translations", and "stuff stolen from the patch". The "Gettemhult" that crept in makes me suspect that Sega sent a new translation pack over, though, given that name solely exists in the credits sequence (he was very specifically renamed "Guntram" in the SEA version--this is one of very few intentional changes as opposed to mistranslations).
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Re: PSO2 SEA makes me sad

Postby Mewn » Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:39 pm

Kazan Pink is the best PA.
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