PSU modding (srsly)

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PSU modding (srsly)

Postby xKasuka1 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:53 pm

Agrajag's been working on something (if you were on IRC, you'd know where he's going). Download this, extract to your PSU \DATA\ directory (always back up the original versions first!), and play Fight For Food. Each layout has been replaced with something different; if you've played online, you should recognize a couple of them. If you encounter any bugs besides certain boxes/enemies never dropping items, let him know.

Don't worry, once the process is a bit better-refined, it won't be handled so messily, and a wider range of things will be possible.

This file will fix the [B] Tiga De Ragan board so it needs Par Ork instead of Arti Diga.

His dropbox account (which you may have noticed he uses for hosting a lot of things) is at 97.4% of capacity. If anyone would like to help, use this link to register an account; each person who does so will give him an extra 250 MB of space, as well as starting with 2.25 GB instead of 2 GB. It's much appreciated!

This is rather minor, and he doesn't expect to keep it like this for future changes (the player stats are in the same file as all the weapon stats, and monster drops, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff), but you can get the PSP1 player and monster base stats by using these two files:
And before some rant happens, Agrajag said this. I just worded this so it seems like I didn't do this.
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Re: PSU modding (srsly)

Postby Agrajag » Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:38 pm

A. This belongs in PSU Research.
B. I'm quite happy posting my own stuff, thank you.
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Re: PSU modding (srsly)

Postby Chikinface » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:21 am

Yeah this is little unsettling, Amaury 2.0. Locking.
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