EGS development discontinued

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EGS development discontinued

Postby essen » Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:02 pm


I'm sure some people already guessed, but the EGS development will not resume. I'm not saying it's on hiatus, I'm saying the project is dropped. Nothing else will come of it.


The reasons for not picking up the project again are pretty simple.

First, the project is way too complex for the benefits it would give. Like I said time and again, generally on IRC, it would take a lot less efforts to do a game from scratch than making PSU work and adapting it to our greatest desires. There's just too many limitations for it to be interesting anymore. All the bigger puzzles have been solved, and the interest is gone and has been for a while. I got more interesting puzzles to solve elsewhere.

Second, I don't have the time. I have a lot of projects now, many of them being a lot more useful to people than the server would ever be. I have been spending a lot of time on them this year and it feels great because it helps thousands of people to build awesome stuff. And most of you have already used a service where my software is used and has been chosen because it makes a difference, so I'm not too sad about focusing on these projects because I know it still benefits most people here.

Third, life happens. I am little by little moving away from being the genius but also modest computer programmer who does nothing else, and am now enjoying other great things from the outside world, and with many more to come. My interest in anything SEGA is pretty much gone, with of course the little bits of PSU nostalgia here and there, but far from enough to continue the project.

There's no chance this project would be picked up again even if SEGA were to release the source or protocol specifications or anything. I, personally, moved on.


I will be pushing to Github everything that I did so far. This includes a mess of notes. This will not include any data packet from the original servers. Many people in the team will most likely decide to archive them however. It's up to them.

I would like to think everyone for their continuous support. The times we spent on the EGS server was really awesome thanks to you guys. Nobody will forget about the stairs I am sure. Great episode of our lives. I'm sorry this project did not get anywhere, we really meant to get it back but life decided otherwise. I hope you can understand.

Feel free to use the lounge if you have any questions, I will answer them as soon as possible. Do not PM me about anything at this time, however, I will not answer private questions for now.

*What now?*

Well many of the team are still working hard on bringing the online content to the offline game. Please look forward to that from now on. The PSUmods forums will of course stay up for this project, and the PSO2 patch, and random dumbfaggotry you have come to love.

Thanks for everything.
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