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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby shade » Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:51 pm

Not yet. I don't know if a global value that scale all UI elements to the resolution exist. I tend to think it doesn't, because I've found several values that set different UI parts size. But it doesn't mean a global one doesn't exist, nor can't be created (by pointing other values to this one).

But recently, another long term issue, and a big one, was fixed by Agrajag : the broken (mini-)map.

I'm inviting every players who play in Custom Resolution to grab new *.exe on the 1st post, and thanking him (or maybe the opposite : thanks him in first then dl the new exe and enjoy the game).
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby scriptkiddie » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:04 am

When did he fix that?... You kept that one quiet. though i have been mia for a while. That shit drove me insane. Smart ass... :lol:
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby shade » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:31 am

Once the minimap was fixed the 20th, things went fast. A workaround was found for the map but only in 1080p the 21st.
It was holded back in case of it would be possible to found a proper solution for any res., which was found the 24th.
But then, the 25th we've faced a "minor" issue on the map that mainly affected the online mode.
It was resolved between the 25th and the 26th, and finally time to edit and triple check every *.exe, it was released this afternoon, as soon as it was possible.
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby garmigade » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:03 am

e- nevermind fixed it.
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby MorganStevens » Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:19 am

shade wrote:日本語版?ここをクリック。

I've seen here and there people who asked where to find the game. It can be found... here !

● Game Client
ill_manual.zip (entirely in japanese)

Checksum :

This is the JP PSU:AotI client, the one that was freely distributed by SEGA, when the JP PSU servers were still online. That's why I continue to distribute it - although I don't have the right to do so - until SEGA takes measure to make me stop. Which I hope will never happen, I don't think that's reprehensible from a moral point of view.

To install the game, you just have to downlod in a same folder the four first files and keep their original names.

● AE(/F/G) Patch (mandatory)

This patch :
- automatically translate the game (text only) in (American) English¹ ;
- allows you to play offline ;
- allows you to play online on the unofficial Clémentine server ;
- fixes some monster hitboxes (cf. this news) ;
- corrects a visual glitch on one of the Alterazgohg's attack (this bug only existed in the JP ver. of the game) ;
- replaces the loading icon used in 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios resolutions by a better one used in the CβT ;
- replaces the loading icon used online in 16:9 aspect ratios resolutions by the one made by Clémentine ;
- includes all JP 2.0014.30 contents (1st, 2nd & 3rd Sup' Up' ; basically all contents introduced to the PSU series by the Portables game up to PSP2i)

■ If you're a little bit computer savvy :
PsuIlluminusInt (*.7zip)

This patch is easy to use : once you have installed PSU:AotI, simply extract the content of the *.7z files into the root directory of the game (by default, "\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus\"). It should look like to this :
Then, just execute the batch file (PATCH.BAT), wait a few seconds and you're done !

Use the launcher to play offline, to play online, to open the options menu...

■ If you're "dummy" (or extremely lazy) :
PsuIlluminusInt (*.exe - self-extracting 7zip archive)

To open image in a new tab without leaving this page, click on it with your mouse wheel.

1. Download it and put it where your game is installed :

2. Double-click on it :

3. Don't change the path destination, simply click on the "Extract" button and wait :

4. Once the extraction is completed, it should look like this :

5. Select the "PATCH.bat" (it may simply be called PATCH if you hide file extension) :

6. Launch it, wait (and press a button when you're prompted to do it) :

7. Now, it should look like this :

8. That's all. You don't have to edit anything (unless you want to play in French or German), to download a specific file to play online on Clem', to erase file/archive that became useless once the game has been patched, etc..
Simply launch the online(.exe) from here, or use the shortcut that has been created on your desktop during the game installaton :
Select "Options" to set your game, "Story Mode" to play to the offline mode, "Network Mode" to play online on the Clementine servers, etc...

● Custom Resolution
To use the following Custom Resolution *.exe, simply replace your original *.exe by the ones below and set your game to 1280x720.
These *.exe are suitable to play the original Story Mode and to play online on the public PSU Clementine servers.
You can't use these PsuIlluminusOff.exe to play to the offline mission pack.
Also, by using these *.exe, in addition to the 1280x720 that can't be acceded at all, maps are kinda broken in 640x480.

1280x720 - Backup

All credits goes to Agrajag for having fixed the maps and mini-maps.

● Patch 2.0014.30
Only for those who know what they're doing.

I just ask you two things :
1. Although the patch must work correctly, I can't be sure at 100%. If you notice something strange, please, report it, I'll get it fix'd ASAP.
2. Because of this, don't hotlink those dl links : Mega doesn't allow me to keep the same download link when I update the patch. Link this thread instead. BTW, by consulting this thread, people can know if their game is "up-to-date" or not.

※ Usage of Google Chrome is recommended. While download should work with other browsers, it isn't guaranteed.

● Bonus - Phantasy Star Universe
・Game Client :
 ・psu_manual.zip (entirely in japanese)
Offline AE(/F/G) Patch ¹ (OR self-extracting 7zip archive)

¹If you want to set your game in French or German - although it probably never be (fully) supported by D&H or Clem' for PS: AotI - you've to manually edit your *.ini. Press Windows + R then input (without the quotes) :
Then replace the "AE" on the "Language" line by the letter corresponding to the language you'd like to use ("F" or "G"), and don't forget to save your changes.

thanks for the sharing
Chiltan Pure
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby Azka » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:23 am

found some issue after patching "AE" into PSU non Expansion. Option Menu is not change language into English but question mark or maybe japanese probably

after patch launcher showing english /"AE" language

but inside option menu still question mark "J" language

after confirm and save change option

change harddisk drive place to C but still have same issue
os Windows 10 x64
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby kyyyte » Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:25 am

Azka wrote:found some issue after patching "AE" into PSU non Expansion. Option Menu is not change language into English but question mark or maybe japanese probably


Exact same issue here, options are all listed in "????", added Language=AE to my ini but nothing has happened. After saving the options my launcher menu is now only in Japanese. Are there any different instructions for patching PSU compared to AotI?


EDIT: Found a 300IQ huge brain fix, just make a copy of LangAE.bin, back up the LangJ.bin file and rename LangAE.bin to be LangJ.bin
Also made a new copy of LangAE.bin just to make sure there'd be no issues, suprisingly this has worked fine. However all voiceovers are in the japanese dub with English subtitles, is there a way to restore the English VA?

EDIT 2: I think I'm just a major idiot and didn't edit the right psu.ini, I was editing the one in the game folder not in the localappdata folder, whoops.
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Re: 【PSU:AotI】Client Download

Postby Shayuna » Wed Aug 19, 2020 9:03 am

mhh can someone explain me hor i should download any file ? i try to download the first setup file from psu and i get to my limit on MEGA before i finished the download? now i must wait 6 ( !! ) hours to downmload the rest... so i need a whole day to download just 1 game ? srly ? i try it with jdownloader 2 but i just get errors on the installing progress...
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