ADX2 HCA file converter discovered!

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ADX2 HCA file converter discovered!

Postby Maronji » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:34 pm

So I've been visiting the Halley's Comet Software (HCS) forums for some time now, waiting for news on decoding HCA files and whatnot. We can't exactly do that yet, but someone made a file converter of sorts (check the post at the bottom of the page for the current version as of this post) that converts .hca files to the familiar wave format (.wav). It's new, so I can't imagine that it'll hit every single file you feed into it, but it worked for two different games for me.

Can someone with the unpack tools try it out and see if you can extract any part of the music from PSO2 with it? It's a command-line program, so you'll need to use the Command Prompt or a batch file (.bat). The syntax is as follows:
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hca2wav [input file] [output file]
Example: hca2wav C:\PSP\001.hca C:\Convert\001.wav

If we can get this to work, we can make our own little pseudo-OST for PSO2, you know! Not exactly a novel use of time, I know, but hey, why not?
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Re: ADX2 HCA file converter discovered!

Postby shade » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:30 am

Bump !

On 2ch, I've recently discovered this one, which works fine.

You just have to drag & drop the PSO2 HCA files on this tool to get the file converted to *.wav. I meant, you don't have to rename the PSO2 files and add the *.hca extension.

This tool comes with its source code (in C++), if you want to take a look... Also, in a future revision, it seems it'll be possible to convert *.wav → *.hca (but it's not sure that files generated with this tool will work directly ; it depends on how PSO2 handle *.hca files, if it requires a specific header, etc...).
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