Racial Balance

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Racial Balance

Postby Chikinface » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:47 pm

As this was the most recently discussed subject before the forum switchover I guess it's appropriate that this be the first here.

The old thread in the archives can be found here. The consensus was that Sega really didn't have a clue when they were balancing the races so it cannot be left as-is (things like one race doing 30% more damage than another, where all things but race are equal). The discussion boiled down to 2 main proposals:

First: Homogenise the races, or make them as close to equal so that only min/maxers would actually care about the differences.
Second: Figure out how to make the differences actually fair and applicable to any race/class combo.

The former is clearly the easiest solution, but has a critical downside of removing racial flavour beyond appearance and a little utility due to the racial skills.

The latter is trickier to balance, but has the potential to give the races a more versatile flavour. It also has a critical danger of imbalance or pidgeon-holing races into certain classes if handled carelessly. We are also somewhat limited in what bonuses we can grant to races from a technical standpoint.

To quote Agrajag's proposal from the archive, as an example of a feasible proposal that has difference without pidgeon holing a race into any class:
My initial thoughts would be something like:
Humans: Versatile! Some sort of bonus to SEs, possibly like a shadoog effect for striking weapons without status, boost to either procrate or level for everything else. Force gets boost to dam- and nos- techs.
Casts: Ranged experts. Increased range for hunter/ranger attacks (probably something else, that doesn't seem like enough for general situations). Force gets boosts to simple (and na-, I guess? newman's more thematically appropriate, but simple techs are limited utility) techs.
Beasts: Bulky, unrefined brawlers. Slower (or less range, if the "speed" value in the armor packet never got fixed) but hits an extra target. Force gets boost to Gi-/-verse techs and Regrants.
Newmans: Agile, technical fighters. Higher attack speed, (maybe a boost to just counter; damage bonus, extend the invincibility to the full combo?). Force gets boosts to ra- techs.

If no agreement can be reached for the latter, I think we should just go with the former.

There is also the Nanoblast issue. Part of that can be solved by making Nanoblasts use the class's core stat instead of always using ATP, but then there is the issue of those who play a support role.

Semi-related but stat differences between genders will be dropped entirely.
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Re: Racial Balance

Postby Mewn » Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:30 pm

If we go the second route then it's going to have to be subjected to intense testing and scrutiny. There's so much potential to screw this up and it's not going to be easy to test without the other pieces of the puzzle being in place. However it does sound cool and is the ideal to aim for, I just wonder if it's going to be worth the effort in the end. I have no particular suggestions for racial distinctions but if I think of any I'll suggest them.

Either way stats are going to have to be homogenized to some degree. The wild stat differences PSU has are simply incompatible with it's class system, it basically presents you with all these class choices then says 'but X Y and Z are wrong.'

On nanoblasts, I agree with making the core stat affect damage instead of simply ATP. However,I'm not sure how you would change nanoblast for those who play a support role, as PSU has no true pure support class, merely hybrids with varying levels of support. Even AT, which specializes in support, is a potent offensive class. Elaborate on this?
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Re: Racial Balance

Postby Qwerty » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:26 pm

The obvious solution is to replace nanoblast on AT with some skill that gives level 100 buffs and HP-regen.
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Re: Racial Balance

Postby essen » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:46 am

For reference. My current point of view (subject to change) is that there should be no gender differences other than appearance. There should be no racial differences other than one special ability (fixes the SUV/Nanoblast/?/? issues). Everything else should be type based.

There's many other things we can play with to make the game interesting without losing balance. An example given on IRC is that we could make some weapon stronger when used from afar and weaker when used up close. There's many other fun options.
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