Playing PSU JP in english

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Playing PSU JP in english

Postby Agrajag » Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:10 am

I was holding on to this, because it involves bypassing all the security (except GameGuard), but with ~10 days left, that's not such a huge concern any more.

Read all instructions before doing anything.
1. Back up your original copies of the following files (this is not optional--you will need them later):
  • 1ffd0db3e0b54048caff394e9c09eda8
  • 42e8b3e0a600f9b9c293a3944d3c3175
  • c17bd0b00811c2f7109c635837ce4d78
2. Place the files from this archive into your PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus\DATA\ directory.
3. Start the game. Do not log in yet.
4. Once you reach the title screen, restore the files you backed up.
5. Log in and play.
6. OPTIONAL: To make the text for your room show up in english, place the copy of c17bd0b00811c2f7109c635837ce4d78 from the archive into your data directory after going through the patch server.

HOW IT WORKS (and why I didn't release it until now):
PSU checks its file integrity two times:
1. Upon startup, the game reads de_crc.nbl (this is 1ffd0db3e0b54048caff394e9c09eda8) and takes the values within it as checksums for its files--when a file is loaded, if its checksum does not match, the game crashes with a "Game files have been modified" error.
2. Upon logging in, the patch server checks a different checksum for a list of files in the game directory--if they do not match, it downloads the new copy (remember, this is intended for game updates, not really security), and restarts the game.
This leaves open an obvious exploit: blank out the CRC file, load whatever files you want, just make sure the original versions are in place when the game patches. Conveniently, 42e8b3e0a600f9b9c293a3944d3c3175 (the general text file) is loaded on startup, so it's not a problem there.

On the other hand, the text for your room (c17bd0b00811c2f7109c635837ce4d78) is stored in a .afs file, which is a container of sorts. The game handles afs files by leaving them on disc, only reading parts of them when needed--if you have the original copy there when you enter your room, you'll get the japanese text, and vice versa.

If you tried simply switching the _AE and _J files in the past, the reason it didn't work is that the internal filenames are also marked with _AE or _J. If it's trying to read, say, MyRoomText_J.bin and instead encounters MyRoomText_AE.bin, it'll not load anything, and will give you the "all text is empty" bug that people may or may not be familiar with.

Provided as-is, use at your own (minimal, unless you mess up in a very dumb way) risk, etc. PSU loads more stuff from the server than PSO2 does (so stuff like NPC dialogue, mission names/descriptions, item names/descriptions, titles, post-supplemental menu options, etc aren't included), and I also omitted the partner character names/chatter, on the grounds that they're probably not used, and are easily detected (remember how NPCs would speak the party leader language on the US/EU servers?), respectively.
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Re: Playing PSU JP in english

Postby essen » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:43 am

Nice, I never thought of that. Now that you say it it's fairly obvious. And dangerous. :)
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