Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Voting Season 4

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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Voting Season 4

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Bigg Boss Tamil is an Indian Tamil-language version of the reality TV show Bigg Boss. The program inspired by the Dutch show “Big Brother” by Endemol in the Netherlands. In the past three years, Bigg Boss Tamil has rolled out three seasons. Three Seasons was hosted by Kamal Haasan and broadcast by Star Vijay Channel. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Is The Procedure Through Which Winners Are Selected. The fourth season is planned to launch in June 2020 but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is postponed to September 2020.


Bigg Boss Tamil is a popular reality show. A number of contestants known as “housemates”, live in an especially purpose-built house. Contestants are isolated from the outer world. Each week, housemates nominate two of their housemates for “eviction”. The housemate who receives the most nominations would face a public vote then. Of these, one would eventually leave, having been “evicted” from the House.

However, there were exceptions to this process as dictated by Bigg Boss Tamil Vote. In the final week, there were three housemates remaining, and the public voted for who they wanted to win. The housemates in the Indian version are primarily celebrities with the exception of one who is a non-celebrity selected via auditions.

Bigg Boss Tamil House

A Bigg Boss Tamil House is built for every season. The house was earlier located in the tourist place of Lonavla, Pune district of Maharashtra. The house is well-furnished and decorated. It has all kinds of modern amenities, but just one or two bedrooms and four toilet bathrooms. There is a garden, pool, activity area, and gym in the House. There is also a Confession Room, where the housemates may be called in by Bigg Boss Tamil for any kind of conversation, and for the nomination process.

The House has no TV connection, no telephones, no Internet connection, clocks, pen or paper. While all the rules have never been told to the audience, the most prominent ones are clearly seen. The housemates are not allowed to talk in any other language than Hindi. They are not supposed to tamper with any of the electronic equipment or any other thing in the House. They cannot leave the House premises at any time except when permitted to do so. They cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone. They cannot sleep in the day time.

Bigg Boss Tamil Rules

Bigg Boss Tamil is the original and unparalleled social experiment. For the most part, the Housemates are left to do as they please in a hyper-real environment largely un-penetrated by the outside world while everything they do is watched by cameras, and ultimately the audience. Tasks constitute the only real interference with the Housemates’ lives. Basic food and shopping money is provided for staples, however, the Housemates have the opportunity of increasing their weekly allowance, or furthering their position in the game, bypassing these Tasks. You may Visit Website the web portal that presents details about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Voting Season 4.
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