My mom doesn't love me.

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My mom doesn't love me.

Postby vickiwalker » Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:09 pm

No, it really is. Every second of my life I feel like a worthless person, because my mother condemns my every action. It's a huge stress, and my psyche just can't stand it. Even when I made the decision to file for divorce from my terrible husband, my mother just condemned me for it and said that I wouldn't marry again because no one needed me.
By the way, my ex-husband isn't a gift. He reproached me for not working, although I always took care of the house and our children. And when I wanted to divorce him, I had to look for cheap ways to divorce. I also looked into a lot of information on divorce in Utah at After that I filed for divorce and I want to stop communicating with my mother. Do you think this is the right decision?
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