PSU Aoti Offline mode - Where is all the missions?

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PSU Aoti Offline mode - Where is all the missions?

Postby Malaca1977 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:36 pm

Its still not possible play like White beast mission without completing all the story mode? And we dont have DB of online missions to donwload like a save file?
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Re: PSU Aoti Offline mode - Where is all the missions?

Postby shade » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:43 pm


At the moment, you have to do Story Missions to unlock Free Mission, unless you find a completed game save file (I think there are some over the internets ; maybe you can ask here, on PSOW, on Clementine...).

Here's what you unlock by completing Story Mission (each time in C-A rank) :

Chapter 1 :

Clyez City Linear Line Platform
・Fight for Food

Holtes City Flyer Base
・Plains Overlord
・The Mad Beasts
・Sleeping Warriors

Chapter 2 :

Ohtoku City Flyer Base
・Flying Beast
・Moonlight Beast
・Hill of Spores

Chapter 3 :

Dagora City Flyer Base
・Desert Goliath
・Awoken Serpent

Chapter 4 :

Holtes City Flyer Base
・The Dual Sentinel

Clyez City Space Dock
・Dark Satellite

Chapter 5 :

Holtes City Linear Line Platform
・Endrum Remnants

Chapter 6 :

Dagora City Flyer Base
・Mine Defense

Chapter 7 :

Holtes City Linear Line Platform
・Train Rescue

Chapter 8 :

Ohtoku City Flyer Base
・Rainbow Beast
・The Holy Ground

Chapter 9 :

Ohtoku City Flyer Base
・Grove of Fanatics
・White Beast

Chapter 10 :

Dagora City Flyer Base
・Desert Terror

Chapter 11 :

Holtes City Flyer Base
・Scarred Planet

Holtes City Linear Line Platform
・Electronic Brain

Clyez City Space Dock
・Seed Awakened

And S rank to every unlocked Free Mission.


And though it's not officially possible to download additional contents, thanks to Agrajag, you can download some missions (cf. this).

Here's what it contains :

Mission Pack 1 :
・The Black Nest C-S3
・Citadel of Sand C-S2
・Bladed Legacy C-S2

Mission Pack 2 :
・SEED Express C-S3
・Beach Bum Beast C-S4
・Snowcap Screamer C-S4

Mission Pack 3 : Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
(note: does not contain planes, trains, or automobiles)
・Floader Rush
・Lunga Rodeo
・Striking Out

Mission Pack 4
What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age!
・Frozen Woods C-S3
・Temple of Ice C-S3
・Absolute Zero C-S3

Mission Pack 5: Dawn of a New Day
・Sinners’ Banquet C-S3
・Castle of Monsters C-S4
・Distant Dream C-S4

All of this is available at the Commune Club (GC 3rd Floor)
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