Public nbl extractor that extract *.xvr ?

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Public nbl extractor that extract *.xvr ?

Postby shade » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:20 pm

Does it exist ?

I'd ilke to extract from the GA_WINDOW.NBL file, taken from the NA PS2 ver. of PSU:AotI, several *.svr files (ad_icon_full.svr , ad_icon_all.svr , ad_mainmenu_icon.svr , ad_icon.svr ).

I used (a copy that I've of) these tools, I don't have succeeded to extract the *.svr (I "only" been able to extract *.sncf, *.sncp, *.snr, & *.snt ; assuming I didn't forget a file type).

I also tried by re-compiling the *.nbl extractor by using the latest source files, which includes a fix for the TMLL part, but I extracted exactly the same 14 files.

Any thought/help/wathever that can help me to further the schmilblick ?

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