Modding inquiry from a newbi

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Modding inquiry from a newbi

Postby Bel.Hime » Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:44 am

Hi all,

As the tittle suggests, I'm new to modding... to a point.

I tried to search what programs/tools you might need to get at the heart an meat of PSU to be able to play around with it..
Either way I had an idea for a story mode mod.. but before allowing myself to get to carried away with plans an ideas.
Thought it was best to find out what I needed and how perhaps.. extensive modding can be done.

While I've actually yet to even finish PSU.. honestly.. I can't stand Ethan.. at all. Might be cuz I'm a lesbian chick, might be because he's a flashy show-off-ish-need-nun-ya-help kind'o brat..
Soo I thought what could I do to make it more interesting.. well obviously for me, having a female protagonist option would be nice, having a bit of say in how she looks would be nice too.. and what race she is..
yet still keeping with the story mode.. hell maybe add a bit of a branching date choice options or such to..

other thought I had was taking elements from more current PS tittles and seeing if some assets can be added over.

So I know it sounds rather.. far fetched and silly but if anyone would be willing to at very least point me in the directions of what I need to know and what I can use to more or less rip the game a part and muck about with it till happy and then glue it all back together.. I'd be most appreciative

Thanks for ya time.
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Re: Modding inquiry from a newbi

Postby Chikinface » Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:45 pm

At this point in time the tools plain don't exist. Some are being worked on but it isn't my place to say if/when they'll become publically available.
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