AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Ziloers » Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:38 am

not sure if anyone talked about this, but i am on win10 home, the type/pack5 exes run on a very small resolution, the anime bosswrap runs on a bigger resolution, the rest of the EXES don't run at all, they crash on startup.
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Necman » Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:27 am

Agrajag wrote:There was something like that in the works, but then February and March end up never being particularly productive months for me for some reason, oops.

Plan was something generally incompatible with anything else that'd swap out a handful of monsters in the game for PSP2i ones. Sadly, "MAG, but better" generally runs into there always being one monster per area that crashes or fails to function (forest has wolves, caves gains sharks and lilies but Nano Dragon has broken projectiles, mines gains Sinow Beat/Gold but Garanz crashes, ruins gains nothing because both Chaos Bringer and Chaos Sorcerer crash), so... er... maybe something episode 4-ish, since both Sand Rappy and Astark are generally okay.

Or maybe something completely different.

Winter can be uninspiring that's for sure. When I read all this caves ruins, forest and mines, I first thought you ripped them from another game but then remembered what mag was all about. Will there be Nar lily variants as well as the regular ones? Does not sound like we will get all the monsters but we will take what we get. Mag was not terrible but like a lot of events it was about the drop rates. This time it sounds like it will be about the monsters instead which will be better. The Hal sisters have their work cut out for them.
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