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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Agrajag » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:39 am

Kubara items fall into two categories.
1. Legitimately unique items (e.g Psycho Wand). These are the rare drops I'm talking about; current plan's that all unique kubaras and all manufacturer gear above a certain rarity (11* or so) will be treated that way, so for instance Lightning Espada (14ish* GRM sword) may drop exclusively from, say, level 150+ Polavohra, while Huge Cutter (10* GRM sword) could drop from any enemy on Parum between levels 75 to 100.
2. Kubara copies (Rodoc, De Ragan Slayic, etc). I don't know exactly where I'm putting these yet, but they're aimed at being customizable--very low base stats, but sky-high maximum grinds. Because of the new grind system, this means you'll be able to make them have pretty much whatever stats you want. Of course, in retrospect, that falls back into the "why would you waste that many grinders trying to turn a Viedema into a usable weapon" trap... this will require more thought.

The colony's going to both drop and sell an arbitrary selection of manufacturer items. Probably not everything (this is a lot of items!), but a good range of them, most likely.

(All examples are strictly hypothetical.)
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Parallaxed » Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:59 pm

Is there currently an all-in-one download? I'm very stupid, sorry.

Love the project work and can't wait to use those amazing Outfits not included in the default offline, but only in online!
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby nyd » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:13 am

First, I have to start out by saying thank you for all the effort and love put into this. I pre-ordered PSU long ago (for PC ... yeah ... crash n burn) and enjoyed what i could. Thanks for the PSO2 patch as well, back when I still played that really made the game fun for my girlfriend and myself.

So up next, since I mentioned the old days, what I am missing oh so badly is the ability to type /wp1, /wp2, etc. and /sl f / i / e / t / l / d in the Shortcut menu. This turned PSU, a very "japanese game" (slow, clunky, blocky, awkward, etc.) into something close to an actual action game! Why was this only for people who payed for a GUARDIANS license? My question is, can it be in D&H?

The requirements to do this was first, set "Function key setting" to chat shortcut in the ingame Options. Next, go to Community then Shortcuts and type up each command to an Fkey. One button summoned up your gear. So much better than navigating your bag or using the god awful item pallette. This is not just great for keyboard users but controller users as well, using a joystick emulator. With some virtual button mapping you can have all your gear at your fingertips. Everything listed above can't be done in an offline setting since the function key option isn't there and community->shortcut isn't either. You'd also need to be able to type with your keyboard of course. Quite a few things are needed, is it possible to cram it into offline mode?

Looking forward to what's to come! Got any progress you could show off? Anything really I find it all to be interesting. The more mundane things too since see how things work under the hood is fun.
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Necman » Tue Dec 13, 2016 4:18 am

When this is released will I be able to run it on the us version or is it going to cough and wheeze?

On a side note will we really need the rare mission packs later on or will they have some bonus to them other then being really good missions?
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby shade » Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:21 pm

For your first question, I can't really be certain, but I don't think it'll be recommended to do so. Like Agrajag said, lot of JP things "may misbehave badly on US clients". And if you do, for sure, you'll have to import from the JP version of the game all JP exclusive environments, weapons, outfits, etc... I don't see the benefit to use an US client.

And yup, you'll need to download the rare free mission, because they aren't available in the offline client data (environments, monsters, etc... are in game data, but the mission by themselves aren't). But not necessary as a stand alone missions pack. They'll be included in the D&H expansion. A rare free mission pack was evoked with the possibility to not be able to import vanila AotI save in D&H, and it'd be released as, hm... "D&H trial" ? Exactly like the 4th Mission Pack and the ones before.

And seeing what Agrajag was able to achieve in PSU with PSPo map remind me this :
Check the screen resolution...
I'm convinced that internally SEGA JP had run the PSPs on PC. If only he had released it (or leaked files/tools)...
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby shade » Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:30 pm

Not a big thing, but...

On one hand, I've done another try to fix the UI when you play at an higher resolution compared to the ones proposed by the game : once again, I failed.
So, from my part, don't get any expectation to this matter at this moment.

On other hand, "because of" the release of a the new Clementine *.exe, which is based on the 2.0014.30 *.exe, I gave a look at this *.exe

The 1st thing I did was to compare "their" *.exe with the *.exe posted by Agrajag (14.30_offline.exe) : I expected much more edits.

I was able to figure out some minor edits :
- 0x000799b9 : 00 = online mode, 01 = offline mode
- 0x000737a6 : e885dd2f003958088b0da011b9007437 = login screen enabled
         90909090909090908b0da011b9009090= login screen disabled
Changes arround 0x0046ed70, 0x004bd900, 0x004bd930, 0x004bd9c0 0x004c9900, 0x00505590, 0x0051c330 are obvious.
ATM, I don't know exactly what other changes are for.

Then, like I know D&H will also use a custom version of this *.exe, I wanted to see if I could bring some change from older *.exe, like to enable emote.
And thanks a debugger, a good sense of intuition and luck, I've succeeded to do what I planned, even a bit more. Not big things, but I'm not Agrajag Image

0x00137229 : 00 to enable emote offline (01 to disable it)
0x0017792f : 00 to display the emote menu (01 to disable it)
0x0017ad45 : 00 to display the label "lobby action menu" (01 to disable it)
0x0017ba0d : 00 to display the icon "loby action menu" (01 to disable it)
0x001389ba : 75 to active the alt+F1 input, 74 to disable it (every other inputs work, but this one has to be specifically activated)

Unexpected, but I've also found how to display the informations (name, online status, name + lvl, partner card ID, type + lvl type) above the character :
0x00174a90 : 00 to enable this, 0 to disable it.
Like it's possible to choose to not display it, and if you want to be sure of who you are, I've enabled this feature.
It also works for the NPC. I don't know if the #ID is stored in the save (and read from there), but if it is, it could be «fun» to edit it to get back our online #ID.
I don't think it would apply to the "offline status" (maybe one can be set via cheat engine, but I doubt it'll be saved somewhere).

And I've also found how to replace, on the planet screen selection, the Guardian Colony by the damaged one :
I would have prefered to base this on story mode progression, but I don't know if it's possible. And if it isn't, it's more logical to stuck with the second version.
0x002c70bc and 0x002c71f6 have to be set on 00 to get the damaged version of the GC (and 01 to get the old one ; if you set 00 to one and 01 to the other byte, the GC won't be displayed).

Other discoveries I've made, like how to deactive char. movement or the "door marker" are irrevelant.

You can download this *.exe here, if you want to see/try all of these little things (in JP and in 1280x720 ; but that can be changed easily).
You can't use it with the D&H "preview pack" (no bosswarp, new mission counter, etc...), but you can use it with Clementine. However, it still has lot of glitches (like the tech one).
In fact, it's not really intended to be played with, but it's more a proof of what has been done, and very brieve explanations on how it can be done ; for when we'll get the D&H extansion, if the *.exe doesn't include these things.

I expected to be able to activate/display a timer, butI didn't come across it (and I won't search it, I've no interest in that thing).

What I'd like to do, is to enable the chat. I don't know if it possible (I think it is) nor if I'm able to do it (I'm really unsure, but if I don't try...). Not only to speak alone, but to see if the commands are really handled by the server. I think they are, but I found very strange to see Clem' supports command like "/wp 光". Did they really thought about it ? Or they didn't and it's because of some files they got to run their server (if they didn't write it entirely from scratch) ? Either way, I'd like to try it. And if commands can't work offline, I'd be happy to spam bubbles offline.

Edit :
By using this *.exe to connect to Clem', I've realised that when you enable "something" offline, it's disabled online and vice versa.
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Roaxes » Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:36 am

Reading one of your previous posts, please don't be disheartened by Clementines progress! Some people actually do want to play Offline more then Online and would be happy to not be punished for it by having all the content locked away from them! And it gives more reason to play the game if clementine closes public testing once again or even it shuts down.

I'm watching your progress intently cheering you on as well as watching the portable 2 infinity translation patch! :D
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Macman » Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:32 am

Yeah, I like to play offline PSU when I just want to quietly grind to pass the time, typically when I'm downloading something large, not having to worry about playing optimal or where I'm grinding.
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Riggy » Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:30 am

I've been rather excited for this project, while online servers are neat eventually they may poof(not saying Clementine is) and having that security to play the third episode and a lot of cut content offline is what I'm rather excited about. So keep up the good work and hopefully we'll see Despair and Hope this year!
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby thorof » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:30 pm

When is the next update coming?
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