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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Agrajag » Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:29 am

May have spent the past couple months... err... sulking? Dunno, just didn't accomplish much in this or in real life. Finally got back into doing things a couple weeks ago.

Necman wrote:Very interesting stuff about the lighting. I read it many times but I only came up with it being a bust. Is this so? I was just wondering if there were any other side projects of interest as well!

As far as lights go, there are basically four(ish) types. PSU uses two of them, but it includes some code to make the other two types work... but you can't place them without major exe changes, so it's not amazingly useful.

Most recent couple of things:
1. stuff with vehicles. This ties to two things:
a. Before I made Distant Dream, I'd thought about doing a Sonic-themed airboarding mission as a way to demonstrate the model importing. It never got off the ground (ha ha) because I couldn't figure out how to enable vehicles in a mission, but I have now, and it turned out that it would be terrible because airboards are terrible. Whoops? I did manage to find out (approximately) how the vehicle physics can be altered, though, so maybe someday...!
b. I hate transport PAs. I consider "mash the attack button to move faster" to be questionable design at best (especially since you're stuck reserving one of your six weapon slots to a double saber or claw or dagger). So... what's the obvious solution that nobody asked for? Airboard item! Expected it to be almost impossible since it looked like they were tied to a set object (as in, part of the actual mission, like a door or a box), turns out the script call to create a vehicle doesn't actually need one, so this is actually possible, but fairly low priority.

2. Silly thought: "what if there was a third Svaltus variant?" Looked into it a bit, turns out that Orgdus was intended to be a Neudaiz version (it appears on Parum in the released game), while Lutus Jigga was intended to be a Moatoob version (this is really obvious given the name; it appears on Neudaiz in the released game, though), so the hypothetical third version would be a Parum variant. Brief attempt at hue shifting it gave me this creature. Looks fairly okay, ends up looking a lot like Lutus Jigga in awakened Relics lighting. Think I would've preferred if the body was red, but... ehh. Not much choice on the lights, anything close to blue ends up looking like a Svaltus, while anything near red or yellow ends up hard to tell apart from Orgdus or Lutus Jigga, respectively.

3. See shade's topic.

Necman wrote:I was also wondering when you started working on this project. I know you posted Despair and Hope in April 2012 and joined months before. I never played the story missions until I played offline with your mission packs. It took me till today to find out that is also the mission name for episode 3 story mission 1. I just thought an annual celebration for Despair and Hope's birthday would be nice unless it's become a pain in your backside. Either way thanks for listening or (reading) my crazy thoughts.
When it was just going to be "episode 3, but offline", it'd started a couple weeks before that (the first mission pack was a byproduct of that work).

(Ambition of the Illuminus is named after the final chapter of episode 2. An offline episode 3 would in theory be named after the last chapter of episode 3, "For Brighter Day", but that name was already taken by the soundtrack. "Despair and Hope" ended up being the most fitting chapter title.)

Shadowth117 wrote:Wow, with school and everything I guess I forgot to keep checking back on progress here, but I see you've gotten a Speed Highway port of all things done and a whole bunch of other crazy things in the works. Do you have a Github link or anything for the tools you've been working on?
Nothing's public yet, sorry. At some point I'll try to clean them up so they're not a complete embarrassment and upload the sources, just not gotten to it yet.

Shadowth117 wrote:(PSO2 model stuff)
Thanks! I haven't had the chance to look into that yet, still plan to at some point. PSP models and external models are still my main focus for the time being, although I keep looking at the PSO areas in PSU and getting frustrated because they all look horribly wrong for reasons that I can't fully articulate, so who knows what I'll actually end up doing next.
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby BobFish0607 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:41 pm


I am interested in episode 3 of the story. Unfortunately I do'nt really understand what I need to do to get access.

I currently download the proposed links from PSP1 and PSP2i. I put them in the data folder of the game.
I also download the pack 4 and I just copy / paste this one in my game folder.

When I get into the game (offline mode), nothing has changed and I still have no access to episode 3. :(
Can you help me on what I need to do please ?
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Evan » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:41 am

Hey! Wanted to drop by and show my support! Hopefully everything is going well. Thanks for putting all this work into this project!
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Gothyx » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:22 pm

shade wrote:You meant this :
I wanted to be sure it'd be noticeable

If so, you can use one of these *.exe
- _suIlluminus_pack5_720p.exe is basically the default offline *.exe (with some improvement, like the info. over the player's head, emotes, etc...)
- _suIlluminus_pack5_1080p.exe allows you to play in 1920x1080, by choosing to play in 1280x720 in option, without the broken minimap in mission yah, I still have to found how to fix this shit ; but I don't have time to do, maybe this summer
- _suIlluminus_pack5_1080p_minimap.exe allows you to play in 1920x1080 with the broken minimap, if you really want it.
These *.exe let you play offline with the vanilla ver. of the game, but are compatible with the "Mission Pack 1~5" (that must be applied on a client with third update maps/music, basically the patched JP. ver. of the game).

It says the links aren't good x.x
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Gothyx » Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:19 am

shade wrote:Thank you very much. It's indeed awesome.

For those who are lazy, I've made a cumulative mission pack, which includes the mission pack 1-4, the mission pack 5 and the 87e19534e724ac860eb9b0421c65bae0 file from the expension.
I've also added a 1080p exe, with radar and compass disabled. They are still broken on 1080p, I haven't found how to fix these things ; mainly because I still don't have time to do so.
But I've enabled the informations displaying that you can make appear over character head (completely optional and useless ; so I had to do it), and on planets selection screen, I've replaced the pre-crash GC by the post-crash one but I haven't replaced the movie ; I don't think it worth time to search how to do that.
You can grab this pack HERE.

Also, note this missions pack also "breaks" some NPCs dialogues : it adds superfluous line breaks :
Same thing occurs in 1280x720 and/or in JP.
Don't know which files cause this. I may investigate this.

Edit :
The problem is caused by the file be700a239bd497b97ba0d2c90bd46d1a from the mission pack 5.

Also, I wanted to add that what is done with Distant Dream is incredible, and extremely promising.

The Regular Mission Pack 5 doesn't allow me to use the info overhead, only on the 1080 without the compass and map.
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Re: AotI Offline (Unofficial) Expansion: Despair and Hope

Postby Shadowth117 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:51 am

I figured I should share this in case it's useful to you, but I hacked up the tool from before a bit to get all I could from models to 3ds Max. I'd like to make a more proper import script one of these days, but for now this should be useful. I'm actually working on an animation script as well that'll hopefully go both ways and looking a bit into getting models back to pso2 in a more complete way. Would be great to be able to port psu stuff into pso2 and pso2 stuff into psu one day, but I'd imagine that's a ways off. Either way if there's any way the tool and script as is can be of use, that'd be great. ... th-rigging!)
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