Network protocols

This namespace is reserved for the publications about the network protocols used by the game.

Patch server

The client first connects to a routing server, identified by one of the patch domain name, whose only role is to indicate where the client needs to connect to reach the patch server.

The first packet sent by both servers is readable directly and indicate whether the following packets are using a stream cipher.

Login and game servers

The login and game servers use SSLv3 encryption. PSU uses OpenSSL 0.9.8 internally.

The game client accepts any certificate, therefore it will connect to anything that does a correct SSLv3 handshake.

Since players have access to the client's certificate, stored in the executable, the encryption of the communication is entirely useless and offers no protection. After all, SSL is only good to protect from attackers who don't have access to one or the other side.

The login server uses the same protocol as the game servers, only with more limited instructions. Its purpose is to authenticate the user and send him to a game server.

Commands are organized by their purpose rather than by server type. All login-specific commands are grouped into the login server article though.

Packet structure

All known packets contain at least 2 common fields.

Position Size Type Description
0x00 4 uint Packet size
0x04 2 ushort Command
0x06 2 ushort Parameter?
0x08 N bits Other informations

The commands appear to be 2 bytes long. The 2 other bytes contain some sort of parameter, just like with the patch server. It can safely be ignored for most commands.

The packet headers appear to be 0x2c bytes long, with data often starting at the 0x2c position. Most of the header is filled with 0s though.

The packet size, command and parameter are not repeated in the documentation, only the known command-specific fields are reported.

Index of commands

General commands

Communication commands

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