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    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2010 edited
    NPC Appearance codes. This is list is part of appearence research I did in offline mode months ago because... i was bored.
    Values that aren't included are blanks.

    20 03- Adaka Val M
    21 13- Adaka Val F
    22 03- Defence Nano M
    23 03- Invincible Nano M
    24 03- Accuracy Nano M
    25 13- Defence Nano F
    26 13- Invincible Nano F
    27 13- Accuracy Nano F

    84 03- Ethan Waber (Vanilla)
    85 13- Karen Erra
    86 03- Hyuga Ryght
    87 03- Leogini S Berafort
    88 03- Lucaim Nav
    89 13- Maya
    8A 03- Tonnio
    8B 13- Lou
    8C 03- Ohbel Dallgun
    8D 03- Hiru Vol
    8E 03- No Vol
    8F 03- Do Vol
    90 03- Magashi
    91 03- Alfort Tylor
    92 13- Liina
    93 13- Lumia Pre-Guardians
    94 13- Remlia Norphe
    95 03- Fulyen Curtz
    96 03- Clamp Maniel
    97 03- Warren Daren
    98 13- Mirei
    99 13- Hal
    9A 13- Vivienne
    9B 13- Seed Helga
    9C 13- Mina
    9D 03- Tomrain
    9E 13- Helga
    A0 13- Unknown Girl
    A8 03- Mayas Dead Boyfreind
    A9 13- Maira Klein
    AA 03- BeatenUpCast from Ep3 Chap1
    AB 03- Communion of Gurhal Male
    AC 03- Ethan (Naked)
    AD 13- Divine Maiden (Karen)
    AE 13- Karen (Mirei)
    B0 13- Hatless Lou
    B1 03- Howzer
    B2 03- Olson Waber
    B3 13- Lumia (Guardians)
    B4 03- Rutsu (Green Suit)
    B5 13- Laia (President)
    B7 03- AMF Cast
    B8 03- Fulyen Curtz (No Helmet)
    B9 13- Cummunion of Gurhal Girl
    BB 03- Bruce Boyde
    BC 03- Fulyen Curtz (Damaged)
    BF 03- GH490 (Hippo)
    C1 13- Shrine Girl
    C2 13- Casino Girl
    C3 03- GH480 (Butler)
    C4 13- Laia (Pre-President)
    C5 03- Ethan Waber (Illuminus Coat)
    C6 03- Sonic
    C7 03- Knuckles
    C8 03- Tails
    C9 03- GH470 (Boy PM)
    CA 13- GH410
    CB 13- GH411
    CC 13- GH412
    CD 13- GH413
    CE 13- GH414
    CF 13- CH430
    D0 13- GH431
    D1 13- GH432
    D2 13- GH433
    D3 13- GH434
    D4 13- GH450
    D5 13- GH451
    D6 13- GH452
    D7 13- GH453
    D8 13- GH454
    D9 13- GH420
    DA 13- GH421
    DB 13- GH422
    DC 13- GH423
    DD 13- GH424
    DE 13- GH440
    DF 13- GH441
    E0 13- GH442
    E1 13- GH443
    E2 13- GH444
    E3 13- GH461
    E4 13- GH462
    E5 13- GH463
    E6 13- GH464
    E7 13- GH465

    Thread links to more codes and other stuff:
    Noda's Character Hacking Guide for EGS: Link
    Agrajag's Clothes and Parts list: It's right below this post but have a link anyway! Link
    Noda's byte chart and Deco Bryl's lineshield values and Female Illuminus Hair: Link
    Trigahd's male hairdo list: Link
    Race Class and Gender values by Noda: Link
    Raujinn's list of post-supplemental clothes and parts (continues over to the next page): Link
    So how do you apply this to a character, Cheat Engine?
    • CommentAuthorAgrajag
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2010
    Clothes/parts list:

    Male Jacket (xx 00 00):
    00 = Undershirt
    01 = Braves Jacket (the Ethan-esque one)
    02 = Seyagya Vest
    03 = Gojgoj Vest
    04 = Innocent Jacket
    05 = Necnec Vest
    06 = Speeders Jersey
    07 = AMF Army Jacket
    08 = Braves Coat
    09 = Nobles Long Coat
    0A = Wakakusa Vest
    0B = Kusatarika Vest
    0C = Flaxo Jacket
    0D = Classica Shirt
    0E = Vigor Coat
    0F = Roar Roars Vest
    10 = Boaboa Vest
    11 = HUmar Top
    12 = Goshkaria Top
    13 = Storia Vest
    14 = Fujifiji Vest
    15 = Illuminus Coat (needs bottom and shoes)
    16 = Kouze Jacket
    17 = Kabgara Dougi
    18 = SPF Top
    19 = Waiwad Vest
    1A = Miyabi-kata (requires bottom and shoes)
    1B = FOnewm Jacket (requires bottom)
    1C = RAmar Jacket
    1D = FOmar Robe (needs bottom and shoes)
    1E = Bikini Swim Top (?)
    1F = Men's Swim Top (?)
    20 = Rappy Suit (requires bottom + shoes)
    21 = Formalwear (requires bottom + shoes)
    22 = Men's Swim Top
    23 = Bikini Swim Top

    AotI colors:
    65 = Braves Jacket (the Ethan-esque one)
    66 = Seyagya Vest
    67 = Gojgoj Vest
    68 = Innocent Jacket
    69 = Necnec Vest
    6A = Speeders Jersey
    6B = AMF Army Jacket
    6C = Braves Coat
    6D = Nobles Long Coat
    6E = Wakakusa Vest
    6F = Kusatarika Vest
    70 = Flaxo Jacket
    71 = Classica Shirt
    72 = Vigor Coat
    73 = Roar Roars Vest
    74 = Boaboa Vest
    75 = HUmar Top
    76 = Goshkaria Top
    77 = Storia Vest
    78 = Fujifiji Vest
    79 = Illuminus Coat (needs bottom and shoes)
    7A = Kouze Jacket
    7B = Kabgara Dougi
    7C = SPF Top
    7D = Waiwad Vest
    7E = Miyabi-kata (requires bottom and shoes)
    7F = FOnewm Jacket (requires bottom)
    80 = RAmar Jacket
    81 = FOmar Robe (needs bottom and shoes)
    82 = Bikini Swim Top (?)
    83 = Men's Swim Top (?)
    84 = Rappy Suit (requires bottom + shoes)
    85 = Formalwear (requires bottom + shoes)
    86 = Men's Swim Top (one of these is a set)
    87 = Bikini Swim Top

    Female jacket (xx 10 00):
    00 = undershirt
    01 = Braves Jacket
    02 = Seyagya Vest
    03 = Gojgoj Tunic
    04 = Guardless Jacket
    05 = Phanis Tunic
    06 = Classica Tunic
    07 = Karawai One-piece
    08 = Smartia Shirt
    09 = Pritia One-piece
    0A = AMF Army Jacket
    0B = Flaxo Jacket
    0C = Yorokatabra Armor
    0D = Boaboa Vest
    0E = Bunbun Vest
    0F = Bombom Smock
    10 = Phasnis Vest
    11 = FOnewe Top
    12 = HUnewe Top
    13 = Hanaura Top
    14 = Hulauna Jacket
    15 = Fujifiji Top
    16 = Storia Jacket
    17 = Maydi Suit (needs pants)
    18 = GUARDIANS Formal (needs pants + shoes)
    19 = Amorosso Top (needs pants)
    1A = Vatavara Vest
    1B = Regular Swimwear
    1C = Mikunas Set (needs pants + shoes)
    1D = Bikini Swimwear
    1E = Bikini Swimwear (again?)
    1F = Regular Swimwear (again?)
    20 = One-piece Swimwear
    21 = Formal Dress (needs pants + shoes)
    22 = Rappy Suit (needs pants + shoes)
    23 = Miyabi-kata (needs pants + shoes)
    24 = FOmarl Set (needs pants + shoes)
    25 = RAmarl jacket
    26 = Voloyal Set (needs pants + shoes)
    27 = Mikumiko Set (needs pants + shoes)

    AotI colors for all of the above except undershirt are from 65 to 8B

    Female Pants (xx 10 01)
    12 = HUnewe

    Female Shoes (xx 10 02)
    12 = HUnewe

    Male Cast parts torso (xx xx **)
    F401 = No parts
    F501 = Revsys Torso
    F601 = Boktos Torso
    F701 = Raptus Torso
    F801 = Vilogis Torso
    F901 = Lobas Torso
    FA01 = Evors Torso
    FB01 = Hounds Torso
    FC01 = Gimnas Torso
    FD01 = Granadas Torso
    FE01 = Men's Swimwear (needs bottom + arms for full set; top works alone)
    FF01 = Men's Bikini Swimwear (needs bottom + arms for full set; top works alone)
    0002 = Rappy Suit (needs bottom + arms)
    0102 = Formalwear (needs bottom + arms)
    0202 = Apollos Torso
    0302 = Musagante Torso
    0402 = Subarga Torso
    0502 = CAS-yukata (needs bottom + arms)
    0602 = RAcas Torso
    0702 = HUcas Torso

    5902 = Revsys Torso CV
    5A02 = Boktos Torso CV
    5B02 = Raptus Torso CV
    5C02 = Vilogis Torso CV
    5D02 = Lobas Torso CV
    5E02 = Evors Torso CV
    5F02 = Hounds Torso CV
    6002 = Gimnas Torso CV
    6102 = Granadas Torso CV

    Female Cast parts torso (xx xx **)
    F411 = No parts
    F511 = Elaciel Torso
    F611 = Batrelle Torso
    F711 = Redmiel Torso
    F811 = Digiel Torso
    F911 = Agriel Torso
    FA11 = Epicarel Torso
    FB11 = Gimnael Torso
    FC11 = Amorel Torso
    FD11 = Valatines Torso
    FE11 = Bikini Swimwear (needs bottom + arms)
    FF11 = Regular Swimwear (needs bottom + arms)
    0012 = One-piece Swimwear (needs bottom + arms)
    0112 = Rappy Suit (needs bottom + arms)
    0212 = Formal Dress
    0312 = Bacolone Torso
    0412 = Lucaral Torso
    0512 = Jenkel Torso
    0612 = RAcase Torso
    0712 = CAS-yukata
    0812 = HUcase Torso
    0912 = Mikumiko Set (needs bottom + arms)
    0A12 = Voloyal Set (needs bottom + arms)
    0B12 = Mikunas Set (needs bottom + arms)

    5912 = Elaciel Torso CV
    5A12 = Batrelle Torso CV
    5B12 = Redmiel Torso CV
    5C12 = Digiel Torso CV
    5D12 = Agriel Torso CV
    5E12 = Epicarel Torso CV
    5F12 = Gimnael Torso CV
    6012 = Amorel Torso CV
    6112 = Valatines Torso CV

    6712 = Bacolone Torso CV
    6812 = Lucaral Torso CV
    6912 = Jenkel Torso CV
    • CommentAuthorBCRS
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2010
    How do you find the line where the npc codes need to b entered? I want to try a play as npc cheat code for portable 1, but I can't find the proper line.
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2010
    These codes are for the PC client of PSU. I have no idea if its anything the same for PS:P.

    I guess this could be an opportunity to find out, though! Are you using a memory editor or something like a psp ersion of gameshark or cheatengine?
    • CommentAuthorBCRS
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2010 edited
    The engine is the same for both PSP and PSU, and yes I am using cwcheats which has built in debugger, memory editor and pretty much everything cheat engine does.

    I've been messing with it a little and found the lines that deal with the player name and height, but that's it.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2010 edited
    Well heres an arrangement of the bytes for the PC version:

    Its incomplete overall but should give you what you need. Basically search your name in unicode until you get a pattern of bytes as highlighted in red. It'll have xx xx xx 00 xx xx xx 01 xx xx xx 02 xx xx xx 03 xx xx xx 04 xx xx xx 05 anyways. If its not like that on psp then afraid I cant help
    • CommentAuthorBCRS
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2010
    That photo was a big help. I found the line I need to modify but unfortunatelly the npc codes are not the same as on PSU. How did you obtain your codes? I need to extract them myself from the game, but i've never done this before.
    • CommentAuthorAgrajag
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    If you can find the NPC definitions in memory, they should be set up the same way. Search for the character name while the game is running.

    Beyond that, trial and error. There are a lot of blank spaces.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    I found this at character creation screen Online;

    That would be the correct place I would edit for NPC yes? If so what Value do I edit?
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    Also the 00060000 preceeding.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    Right, oops.
    • CommentAuthorAgrajag
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    I tried editing all of the similar-looking places just now. Most of them didn't do anything, the other two just got immediately overwritten if I changed anything. I'm sure it's still possible, but it may involve a bit more effort than that.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    yeh same for me, I found 5 instances. 2 would revert after a while, 3 would be instant;ly overwritten
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010 edited
    Going off a bit of everyone's work here, here is what I came up with. Most of the values are actually 32-bit, but not all the bits are used. This is especially true with the case of the slider values, which are usually anywhere from 0/0:0000 to 131,071/1:FFFF. The color sliders use a different scale. I think they're 0 to FFFF on the Y axis, and 0 to 4:FFFF on the X axis. A few rare values are able to squeeze into 8 bits. This possibly only applies to human males.

    I apologize if it came out a bit messy, but I was in a bit of a hurry to put it all together and begin experimenting!

    My theory on the reason people are finding so many duplicate entries in memory is that the game actually stores your possibilities for the difference race/gender combinations until you create one. I haven't tested this out yet, but I did notice even when I would hack and freeze the human male, the other male races would still be fine. The name you choose will also be remembered when you choose a different option if you go back to the first menu.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    I just made myself select 16/15 Shirt. Made me unloadable to everyone and myself, but proves that indeed modifications do save if done at character creation.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    Since a lot of people seemed interested in my mangling, I've done up a short(*) picture tutorial that maybe others can follow. I can't take full credit for this. Raujinn and Agrajag did most of the hard work, and Agra pointed me in the right direction a number of times when I wouldn't have messed with it further last night. Anyway, here goes. There's probably a more efficient way to do this, but for now, here's how I did it. Also, you will need Cheat Engine for this, and a PSU client without Game Guard (probably). It's also possible to use this for hacking clothes only, I'll tell you when you can ignore the rest if that's all you want to do.

    Your first step is to create a character. It doesn't really matter what appearance options you choose, since they'll get overwritten anyway. Voice will presumably carry over, but by the time that gets tested, we might not even need this method. Get to the screen where you give them a name and do so.

    Now you can open Cheat Engine and select the PSUIlluminus.EXE process (not shown, but this is easy to find). You will be searching for the name you entered, so if it's more unique, it's probably better. Tell Cheat Engine to look for 'text' and make sure the 'Unicode' option is selected. Case sensitivity isn't that vital, but is safe to leave on. When you're ready, hit the New Scan/First Scan button (it changes depending on context) and you should get a list of memory addresses.

    Right clicking on one of the addresses allows you to use the option 'Browse this memory region.' Do so until you find a promising region like the one on the left, that looks like the examples earlier in this thread.

    Scrolling through this area, you will probably find several entries that look promising, and all will have your name on them! Luckily, it is easy to tell which one you need to edit. One method is to go back and constantly change a value, looking for the one section that also has a value that changes with it. Another way is to look at what your character is wearing and compare it to the list of values Agrajag provided above. For example, female humans start with the Braves set, so I'm looking for a section that has clothes that have 01 10 in them.

    That definitely looks like it! The first instinct would be to get right to editing and plug in the values you want, but it isn't quite that simple. PSU uses pointers that constantly refresh these values off of hard data. In addition, conflicts in some of the fields can crash the game, ruining your attempt. This must be approached carefully. Begin by going to the first offset of the first appearance item, in the default human female's case, 00 01 10 00. On that first 00, right click and select to add the address to the list.

    We need to change all those bytes all the way to the xx xx xx 05 segment, preferably at one time. So change the listing defaults to be an 'array of bytes' that is '24' long, as shown here.

    You should now see this in your main window:

    Continued below...
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    Clothing hackers can skip this part, since you won't need these segments to be edited anyway. For NPC impersonators, while some might be able to get away with it, I never seem to be able to. You need to add these listings individually for the next step. Just do as you did with the last one, but skip to the xx xx xx 04 and xx xx xx 05 segments and only use 4 byte arrays instead of 24. It will look like this when done.

    About those pointers. The reason we're going through this dance is so that the game won't simply overwrite our values the nanosecond we set them. Also, Cheat Engine never catches all the pointers in the 24 byte one for me, so I have to do the other two separately. Anyway, right click on the first value, and choose 'Find out what writes to this address.'

    It will come up with a list of candidates. My list isn't populated, but you'll see some assembly language here if you have any pointers trying to poke data into your precious segments. What you need to do here is for each of them you find, hit 'Replace' and select the default, then when you're done hit the Stop button. This replaces the pointers with null operations and keeps PSU from meddling in your affairs. If you are doing the NPC hack, do this again for the xx 04 and xx 05 segments' lists, to be sure you've caught all the pointers.

    Once all those are wiped out, you can FINALLY begin the actual editing. The segments look something like 00 01 10 00, 00 01 10 01, 00 01 10 02.. And onward. The key here is to make sure to replace everything except the last byte with the NPC or clothing you want to replace the segment. Clothing hackers will again want to avoid editing the xx 04 and xx 05 segments, and focus on the first three. So if I want to become GUARDIANS Lumia, 00 01 10 00 would become 00 B3 13 00, and so on, all the way to 00 B3 13 05. Once you're sure you're done, and have double checked it, go ahead and click OK.

    Your memory viewer and the listing should change to reflect your modifications. If they didn't, you have probably missed a pointer somewhere, or made a typo. Conflicting values can cause your character to disappear or your client to crash, but just try again if that happens.

    Congratulations, you're now an NPC!

    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010 edited
    Thanks for the Tutorial.

    Works perfectly.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    Works good. I have to do a seperate pointer scan for head parts it seems
    • CommentAuthorCuber
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    Well.. I don't understand a word. :D

    But I'm sure that if I got a no game guard exe.. and had the program open with this guide I could figure it out...
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    Right that's pretty cool. That's also pretty much how you do any cheat, not just character modification. Keep them coming (so I can prevent them on the server before it's too late, muhahah -- though I guess appearance isn't a big deal).
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Yeah, appearance is a purely 'for fun' type of thing, anyway. I remember facepalming back in the day when Sega continued turning away from the actually hurtful hacks that required third party tools (haxeta and friends), and instead patched the fun and harmless one (the infamous clothing lag glitch, some of you will remember). It should probably be left as a per-server option whether custom appearances are allowed or not, like how I think it is on PSO:BB's servers.
    Thanks noda, I was toying with this last night, but couldn't figure out how to get the values to stick. (only my second time with CE).
    Mixing clothes/NPC outfits is fun. I didn't play with this long, but certain combos (or order of changing parts around?) didn't force the client to re-composite the textures. Hopefully later I can figure out where/how the skeleton adjustments fit in, which could also be fun.
    Here's a Maggalou, I also had a magashi with a lou hat, which is pretty hot too.

    edit: I picked up a new app the other day, texmod. It pulls textures from memory, as well as handling clientside texture modifications without needing to modify the actual game content. Plus you can share the packages with friends, not sure if it will work across different client versions. Probably need a non-GG client for it.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Ha ha, that is so wrong. And yes, sometimes you can get the textures to 'stick'. Usually this happens when you're mixing parts and clothes from different genders, I've noticed. It can create some pretty neat effects actually, and sort of gives the impression of having more colors available. I'm not sure how stable it is in the long run, but it might be an interesting and unintended 'feature' to explore, if it can be pinned down.
    Ohyeah, characters sometimes have multiple similar-ish entries. So I made edits to one set, which had no effect until I moved to a new lobby. But those and my working edits were lost after subsequent lobby moves.
    • CommentAuthorEmrald???
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    The ability to have custom appearances on the clothes would be awesome, but I'm sure it'd be very hard to implement on the finished server itself, wouldn't it?

    Hell, maybe even put on a little emblem as the linesheild pattern to replace the standard one on each outfit (and have it serverside so everyone could see)

    one example of this would be on a phanis top, you put on your shield and avenged sevenfold's deathbat appears on your shirt.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    It would be more work to prevent people from doing it, actually.

    That isn't possible.

    What? No. That's just stupid.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Well there's the issues that some combinations might crash a client. If anything I'd rather add items for NPC outfits and shit.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Yeah, personally I'd prefer if you disable custom appearance hacks and such on EGS. If people want to dick around with unholy abominations, they can make their own server and do it there.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Strictly speaking, doing a sanity check of whether parts/clothing/head values are out of range of what should be chargen values before creating the character, and falling back to defaults if the checks fail, would probably be pretty easy. It all depends on whether it's worthwhile to do yet, when there's so many other things to implement. In addition, while some of the creations might be offensive to a few, there might still be some worth in seeing what's harmful code-wise and what isn't.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Oh don't worry I won't do anything for a while, you guys can play with it.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Strictly speaking, doing a sanity check on anyone playing PSU is bound to result in failure.
    • CommentAuthorEmrald???
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Qwerty:It would be more work to prevent people from doing it, actually.

    That isn't possible.

    What? No. That's just stupid.

    How is the deathbat stupid? It would have been stupid if I had said that god awful slipknot logo.
      CommentAuthorZeth Alkar
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    The one thing I seem to have a problem with is disabling GameGuard.
    • CommentAuthorEmrald???
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Fender from FA? Interesting avatar. :)

    Anyways, there's a non-GG client posted somewhere on the site.
      CommentAuthorZeth Alkar
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010 edited
    a possible link would help, I haven't found it yet while searching :(
    Also thanks about the avi :)
      CommentAuthorDeco Bryl
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010 edited
    I've marked the byte for line shield colors on Noda's handy chart:

    Here are the line shield color codes:

    00    Green (Neutral)
    01 Pink (Fire)
    02 Blue (Ice)
    03 Yellow (Lightning)
    04 Peach (Ground)
    05 White (Light)
    06 Purple (Dark)

    Also, I figured out the codes for the female hairdos and accessories introduced in AotI:


    00 XX XX 05

    C8 10 - CF 10 Side-swept bangs, ponytail
    D2 10 - D9 10 Side-swept bangs, pigtails
    DC 10 - E3 10 Side-swept bangs, short back
    E6 10 - ED 10 Side-swept bangs, medium back
    F0 10 - F7 10 Side-swept bangs, long back
    2C 11 - 33 11 Wide bangs, ponytail
    36 11 - 3D 11 Wide bangs, pigtails
    40 11 - 47 11 Wide bangs, short back
    4A 11 - 51 11 Wide bangs, medium back
    54 11 - 5B 11 Wide bangs, long back
    90 11 - 97 11 Side-parted bangs, ponytail
    9A 11 - A1 11 Side-parted bangs, pigtails
    A4 11 - AB 11 Side-parted bangs, short back
    AE 11 - B5 11 Side-parted bangs, medium back
    B8 11 - BF 11 Side-parted bangs, long back
    58 12 - 5F 12 Blunt bangs, ponytail
    62 12 - 69 12 Blunt bangs, pigtails
    6C 12 - 73 12 Blunt bangs, short back
    76 12 - 7D 12 Blunt bangs, medium back
    80 12 - 87 12 Blunt bangs, long back
    BC 12 - C3 12 Center-parted bangs, ponytail
    C6 12 - CD 12 Center-parted bangs, pigtails
    D0 12 - D7 12 Center-parted bangs, short back
    DA 12 - E1 12 Center-parted bangs, medium back
    E4 12 - EB 12 Center-parted bangs, long back
    EE 12 - F7 12 FOnewearl hair and cap
    F8 12 - 01 13 FOmarl hair and hat
    02 13 - 0B 13 RAmarl hair and cap

    Edit: Oops, I should add that Raujinn's chart also clued me in on the line shield byte. Thanks, Raujinn and Noda. You've made my characters very happy—and fasionable. :)
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010 edited
    Hmm, hey question. Is the Variable for what Shadow your character uses also in character create?

    Noticed the Shadows stay "Default" no matter your changes to clothes and etc.

    Edit: Oh and I saw that XX XX XX 03 is all Ears.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010 edited
    One thing I took notice of last night is that for CASTs, the xx 03, xx 04 and xx 05 segments work a lot differently than for fleshies. When you select one of the 'robot' heads, the xx 03 segments gets FF'd out. That is, the whole thing turns into FF FF FF FF. Interestingly enough, you can mix flesh faces with robot helmets decently well by sliding in a flesh face (say, 3C 04 10 04) in place of the CAST one (ie; 00 F4 11 04), even though that is not allowed officially as far as I know. I think FF FF FF FF is just telling the client to disable the extra head parts like ears, since those aren't used with robot helmets normally (and would clip through most of them).

    Also, on Rygdea's question. It probably is. My thinking right now is that it's based on your actual creation values, so that if you have a male character it will use that for the shadow, even if you've changed everything to a female model. Feel free to experiment and try it out! Deco, good work on finding the line shield color.
    • CommentAuthorjimmydc
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    yea i saw that FF FF FF FF thing as well I just changed to 00 XX XX 03 and everything was working fine
    • CommentAuthorTrigahd
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010

    This list contains pictures of all the male hairdos (53 pics) and all the accessories that come with each one. This list here has a total of 320 items just covering 00 00 00 05 -> 00 FF 02 05. Sega seemed to have the fun idea of placing each new hairstyle 0A bytes away from the next one, but that still doesn't really explain why they started in some random places. Also, anything with question marks I was unsure what to call it. If you can help, possibly, that'd be swell.

    I might check out more later, but I'm tired now!
    • CommentAuthorTrigahd
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    00 XX 00 05

    01 Clear Circular Glasses
    02 Green Frog Hat
    03 Viking Hat
    04 Blue Bandana
    05 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    0B Blue Beret
    0C Red-colored Goggles on Head
    0D Clear Circular Glasses
    0E Blue-Purple Temple Hat?
    0F Blue-tinted Sunglasses


    15 Red-colored Goggles on Head
    16 Blue-tinted Circular Glasses
    17 Black Guardian Hat?
    18 Metal Forehead Plate
    19 Left Eye Monacle


    1F Clear Square Glasses
    20 Blue-Green Temple Hat?
    21 Viking Hat
    22 Brown Cat Ears
    23 Left Eye Monacle


    29 Red Beret
    2A Blue-Trimmed Glasses
    2B Green Frog Hat
    2C Black Cat Ears
    2D Red-tinted Sunglasses


    33 Red-trimmed Glasses
    34 Black Guardian Hat?
    35 Blue-Green Temple Hat?
    36 Metal Forehead Plate
    37 Left Eye Monacle


    3D Red-tinted Circular Glasses
    3E Blue-Purple Temple Hat?
    3F Metal Forehead Plate
    40 Blue Bandana
    41 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    47 Black-tinted Circular Sunglasses
    48 Brown School Boy Cap
    49 Viking Hat
    4A Brown Cat Ears
    4B Red-tinted Sunglasses


    51 Clear Square Glasses
    52 Viking Hat
    53 Metal Forehead Plate
    54 Black Cat Ears
    55 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    5B Red-colored Goggles on Head
    5C Clear Circular Glasses
    5D Brown School Boy Cap
    5E Green Frog Hat
    5F Brown Cat Ears


    65 Blue Beret
    66 Yellow-tinted Circular Glasses
    67 Black Guardian Hat?
    68 Green Frog Hat
    69 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    6F Blue-tinted Circular Sunglasses
    70 Red-colored Goggles on Head
    71 Metal Forehead Plate
    72 Red-tinted Sunglasses
    73 Left Eye Monacle
    • CommentAuthorTrigahd
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010

    79 Clear Square Glasses
    7A Brown School Boy Cap
    7B Green Frog Hat
    7C Red-tinted Sunglasses
    7D Left Eye Monacle


    83 Yellow-tinted Circular Glasses
    84 Green Frog Hat
    85 Viking Hat
    86 Blue Bandana
    87 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    8D Blue-tinted Circular Glasses
    8E Black Guardians Hat?
    8F Blue-Green Temple Hat?
    90 Metal Forehead Plate
    91 Left Eye Monacle


    97 Yellow-tinted Circular Sunglasses
    98 Metal Forehead Plate
    99 Viking Hat
    9A Blue Bandana
    9B Brown Cat Ears


    A1 Red-tinted Sunglasses
    A2 Pink Heart-shaped Sunglasses
    A3 Star-shaped Sunglasses


    AB Black-tinted Circular Glasses
    AC Blue-tinted Circular Sunglasses
    AD Blue Bandana


    C9 Brown Viking Horns (Upward)
    CA Temple Headband?
    CB Hairpin
    CC Blue-Purple-tinted Black-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    CD Red-trimmed Glasses
    CE Metal Forehead Plate
    CF Yellow-tinted Circular Glasses


    D3 Blue Fomar-ish Hat?
    D4 Temple Headband?
    D5 Hair Clamp
    D6 Hairpin
    D7 Pink-tinted Fashion Sunglasses
    D8 Black Guardians Hat?
    D9 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    DD White Double-pointed Beanie with Blue-tinted Goggles on Head
    DE Brown Viking Horns (Upward)
    DF White Cat Mask on Back of Head
    E0 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    E1 Blue-tinted White-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    E2 Blue Bandana
    E3 Black-tinted Circular Sunglasses


    E7 White Beanie
    E8 Black Fomar-ish Hat?
    E9 Green Ragged Bandana
    EA Red-trimmed Glasses
    EB Dork Glasses
    EC Blue-tinted Goggles on Head
    ED Clear Square Glasses


    F1 Yellow Ragged Bandana
    F2 White Viking Horns (Inward)
    F3 Headset
    F4 Blue-tinted White-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    F5 Dork Glasses
    F6 Blue Headband
    F7 Black-tinted Circular Sunglasses
    • CommentAuthorTrigahd
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    00 XX 01 05

    2D Headset
    2E Hairpin
    2F Hair Clip
    30 Light Blue-tinted White-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    31 Clear Fashion Glasses
    32 Brown Cat Ears
    33 Clear Square Glasses


    37 Brown Cowboy Hat
    38 White Viking Horns (Inward)
    39 White Cat Mask on Back of Head
    3A Hair Clip
    3B Dark Red-trimmed Glasses
    3C Brown School Boy Hat
    3D Blue-tinted Circular Sunglasses


    41 Black Fomar-ish Hat?
    42 Brown Cowboy Hat
    43 Headset
    44 White Viking Horns (Inward)
    45 Dork Glasses
    46 Viking Hat
    47 Blue-trimmed Glasses


    4B Brown Viking Horns (Upward)
    4C Temple Headband?
    4D Big Hair Strand off Slanted Side of Head
    4E Yellow-Pink-tinted Cool Sunglasses
    4F Black-trimmed Glasses
    50 Brown Cat Ears
    51 Red-tinted Circular Glasses


    55 Brown Cowboy Hat
    56 White Cat Mask on Back of Head
    57 Big Hair Strand off Slanted Side of Head
    58 Clear Fashion Glasses
    59 Blue Beret
    5A Brown Cat Ears
    5B Clear Square Glasses


    91 White Viking Horns (Upward)
    92 White Viking Horns (Inward)
    93 Hair Clip
    94 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    95 Dork Glasses
    96 Blue-tinted Goggles on Head
    97 White-tinted Circular Glasses


    9B Brown Russian Hat
    9C White Viking Horns (Upward)
    9D Hair Clip
    9E Hairpin
    9F Clear Fashion Glasses
    A0 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    A1 Yellow-tinted Circular Glasses


    A5 Blue Chullo Hat?
    A6 Blue Russian Hat
    A7 White Viking Horns (Inward)
    A8 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    A9 Blue-Purple-tinted Cool Sunglasses
    AA Red-tinted Goggles on Head
    AB Clear Square Glasses


    AF Blue Fomar-ish Hat?
    B0 White Double-pointed Beanie with Red-tinted Goggles on Head
    B1 White Viking Horns (Upward)
    B2 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    B3 Pink-tinted Fashion Glasses
    B4 Blue Beret
    B5 Red-tinted Sunglasses


    B9 Black Cowboy Hat
    BA White Viking Horns (Inward)
    BB White Cat Mask on Back of Head
    BC Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    BD Clear Fashion Glasses
    BE Blue-tinted Goggles on Head
    BF Clear Circular Glasses

    Now here come some real interesting ones. Every single hair style in these three sections are normal hairstyles for Human/Newman/Beast?, but these look like they're for a CAST.








    • CommentAuthorTrigahd
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    00 XX 02 05

    59 Headset
    5A Temple Headband?
    5B Hairpin
    5C Black-tinted Fashion Glasses
    5D Clear Fashion Glasses
    5E Metal Forehead Plate
    5F Green-trimmed Glasses


    63 Blue Russian Hat
    64 Yellow Ragged Headband
    65 Temple Headband?
    66 Hairpin
    67 Red-tinted White-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    68 Red-tinted Goggles on Head
    69 Black-tinted Circular Glasses


    6D Brown Beanie
    6E Black Cowboy Hat
    6F Blue-Green Ragged Headband
    70 Hair Strand Off Top of Head (Opposite)
    71 Black-trimmed Glasses
    72 Green Frog Hat
    73 Blue-tinted Sunglasses


    77 Brown Chullo Hat?
    78 Blue Russian Hat
    79 Temple Headband?
    7A Clear Fashion Glasses
    7B Dork Glasses
    7C Black Guardian Hat?
    7D Green-tinted Circular Sunglasses


    81 Brown Viking Horns (Upward)
    82 Headset
    83 Temple Headband?
    84 Yellow-Red-tinted Black-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    85 Black Guardian Hat?
    86 Metal Forehead Plate
    87 Clear Circular Glasses


    BD White Viking Horns (Inward)
    BE Hair Clip
    BF Hairpin
    C0 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    C1 Black-trimmed Glasses
    C2 Blue-tinted Sunglasses
    C3 Black-tinted Circular Sunglasses


    C7 Black Cowboy Hat
    C8 Headset
    C9 White Cat Mask on Back of Head
    CA Hair Clip
    CB Yellow-Red-tinted Black-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    CC Viking Hat
    CD Clear Square Glasses


    D1 Brown Russian Hat
    D2 White Viking Horns (Upward)
    D3 Temple Headband?
    D4 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    D5 Clear Fashion Glasses
    D6 Metal Forehead Plate
    D7 Clear Circular Glasses


    DB Black Cowboy Hat
    DC Headset
    DD White Viking Horns (Inward)
    DE Blue-Purple-tinted Black-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    DF Red-tinted White-trimmed Cool Sunglasses
    E0 Black Car Ears
    E1 Clear Circular Glasses


    E5 White Viking Horns (Upward)
    E6 Yellow Ragged Bandana
    E7 Hair Strand Off Top of Head
    E8 Red-trimmed Glasses
    E9 Dork Glasses
    EA Viking Hat
    EB Blue-tinted Sunglasses


    EF Blue & Yellow Version
    F0 Orange & Green Version
    F1 Red & Light Brown Version
    F2 White & Blue Version
    F3 Black & Yellow Version
    F4 Green & Purple Version
    F5 Pink & Yellow Version


    F9 Red Version
    FA Yellow Version
    FB Green Version
    FC Purple Version
    FD Gray Version
    FE Black Version
    FF Brown Version
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    Awesome post and very useful.

    Thanks for taking the time of listing and making Pics of them. :D
    • CommentAuthorJovi
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    Yeah, very much appreciated, man. Awesome job. =D
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    Random question: Will it eventually be possible to add male accessories for females and vice-versa?

    It's not really important, but I had a friend who was eternally pissed that females could not wear the cowboy hat.
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010 edited
    The accessories seem to be tied at a low level to the hair they're apart of, so it won't be possible without some client side resource file editing, I believe. There's plenty of blank space for each style, as shown above, if someone were to do so later. Once the NBL files and friends are completely ripped open, I'm sure more intensive experimentation like that will happen.